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How to search for a contact by id

How to find a person by id VKontakte.

Find a person who does not have at least some access to the Internet, it is now quite difficult.

The reasons for the use of network resources is very much: study, work, entertainment. Currently immense popularity acquired social networks: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook and others.

With their help, you can find old friends or finding new ones.

The most sure-fire option - search id.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - access to the Internet-
  • - Registration in the social network VKontakte.



We know that the site is already VKontakteregistered more than a million people. The most common occupation of the user in the social network is to search for friends and acquaintances. When you first get to the site and go through the registration, you will offer to find friends, but often, these attempts are failures. More often than not, because most places are not your own photos, images and simple, and it leads to a deadlock. There are situations when the user has decided to remain incognito and just use an alias. It happens that the name and surname are known, but there are several dozens of people according to the request.


In order to avoid various misunderstandings canused to search for a contact is the personal id. id Identifier - a number that is assigned upon registration in the resource. This allows you to instantly move in the right man page, since two identical id does not exist. If you need a very fast and accurate way to detect the familiar, the id - just what you need. The main task is to find out the id. But if your friend gave you the address of the page VKontakte, the search is reduced to a minimum set of actions.


Find the address bar of your browser. It is at the very top of the page, under the taskbar. The taskbar - this is the line where it says name (not address) of the site where you are in the moment, and its favicon (image). It now remains only to write in the address bar vk.com/. After the slash (oblique dash in the URL) you write a well-known id and press enter. Now you have exactly the desired page is displayed to you man.

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