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SEALS for wooden windows and doors: pvc or rubber


Sealers for wooden windows and doors: pvc or rubber</a>

Despite the fact that the tree is considered an environmentally friendly material, the doors and windows made of it often become a source of cold in the house.

To seal the joints of the valves to the box, there are many different materials, among which the most common are PVC and rubber insulation.

Sealers for wooden windows and doors: PVC or rubber

To date, the number of wooden windows in theHouses remains large enough. This is due to the rather substantial cost of installing a plastic window in a house or apartment, which is often not budgeted for most families. There is also such a category of population that simply prefers wooden windows, rather than plastic ones.

Recommendations for selection

First of all, it is necessary to identify all gaps andDetermine their value, only after this you can give preference to one or another seal. Regardless of the type of material from which the sealant is made, it is necessary to pay attention to the date of its manufacture. If it is a rubber sealer, it is recommended to take it in your hands and crumple - the product should get the original shape.

In any case, the best way to check the quality of rubber is to sample it to feel the elasticity of the material.

It is important to remember that when buying a sealant forWooden windows and doors: PVC or rubber is also worth to buy an additional silicone sealant in the case of the purchase of the product without a self-adhesive base.

Rubber Seals

In most cases, to eliminate drafts,Excessive moisture and other inconveniences is used precisely a rubber sealant. Due to the tight connection with the contacting surfaces, the maximum sound and heat insulating qualities are achieved.

Rubber seals are used in the best quality double-glazed windows.

The main advantages of this seal are:

- simple application due to the presence of an adhesive base-
- maintaining high performance in both low and high temperature conditions -
- high hygienic characteristics - does not cause harm to health-
- elasticity, withstands repeated compression and stretching.

PVC sealant

The first advantage of a PVC sealant is itsLower cost, compared with the rubber seal. It is worth noting that PVC-made seals for windows and doors are less brittle, do not deform, do not crumble or crumble, and have high frost-resistant characteristics.

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