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How to sculpt snowballs


All of us, probably, played snowballs at least once.

And even as adults we sometimes want to plunge into memories and succumb to this childish fun.

And if you want to show yourself a champion in this game, you must at least be able to properly mold snowballs.

Following a few tips, you will very soon win the title of "snowmobile master", but also unforgettably and fun to spend time with your friends or loved ones.



First, choose a warm day for the game. The best weather for snowballs from? 3 & nbsp- ° C to + 4 & nbsp- ° C.
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Find the right place. Snow in this place should be ideal in its consistency: not too wet and not too loose. For this purpose, there are places near something warm: roads, houses, heating mains, etc. Otherwise, you can not sculpt the snowballs themselves or nalepite such shells, which simply "prisibete" the enemy.


Start playing in the afternoon so that the sun can warm the snow.
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If you are not afraid to catch cold, sculpt snowballsWith your bare hands, so it will be easier for you to give them the right shape. If you care about yourself, then wear gloves. Mittens, of course, better keep the heat, but in this case modeling of shells will become more complicated.


Proceed to the very molding. Capture the snow not from the uppermost icy layer, but a little deeper. Take the snow, clasp it with both hands and start to sculpt a snowball. With each click, make it stronger and stronger.


Give the snow a spherical shape. On average, a normal snowball has a diameter of 10-15 centimeters. It depends on the size of the palms, the level of professionalism, etc.


When the snowball has acquired the desired shape and density, throw it into the opponent. Do not throw large and dense snowballs in the elderly and babies.


If you have a safe haven, stopThere, prepare a dozen shells and fire directly from there. If you move with dashes, then harvesting snowballs in advance makes no sense.


If you do not want to wet your hands and freeze them,Save time on modeling and produce perfectly smooth snowballs, purchase a special snowballer (in Russian "snowball"). This device is sold in many souvenir shops. Visually it resembles pliers for applying ice cream balls.

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