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How to sculpt snowballs

How to sculpt snowballs

All of us must have a child ever played snowballs.

Even as adults, we sometimes want to plunge into the memories and succumb to this childish fun.

And if you want to show yourself a champion in this game, you need at least to know how to sculpt snowballs.

By following a few tips, you soon will win the title of "master snezhkolepa", and at the same time memorable and have fun time with their friends or relatives.



First, choose a warm day for playing. It guarantees good weather for playing in the snow on the? 3 & nbsp- ° C to + 4 & nbsp- ° C.
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Find a suitable location. Snow at this point must be perfect for its consistency: too wet nor too loose. For this suitable place near something warm: roads, houses, heating, etc. Otherwise you will not be able to mold themselves snowballs or Nalepa such shells that easily "prishibete" enemy.


Start playing in the afternoon, the sun has had time to warm the snow.
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If you are not afraid to catch a cold, sculpt snowballswith his bare hands, so it will be easier to give them the desired shape. If you take care of yourself, wear gloves. Mitten is definitely better retain heat, but in this case the molding shells complicated.


Proceed to most modeling. Capture the snow is not from the icy top layer, and a little deeper. Take snow, grasp it with both hands and begin to sculpt snow. With each click, do it more and more.


Give snowball spherical shape. On average, a normal snow has a diameter of 10-15 centimeters. It depends on the size of the palm rest, the level of professionalism, etc.


When the snow has acquired the desired shape and density, throw it into the opponent. Do not throw large snowballs and dense in the elderly and children.


If you have a safe shelter, stopthere prepare a dozen projectiles and lead fire right there. If you are moving dashes, then harvested snowballs in advance makes no sense.


If you do not want to wet and frozen hands,save time on modeling and producing perfectly aligned snowballs, get a special snow-Boller (in Russian "snezhkolep"). This product is sold in many souvenir shops. Visually it resembles curling overlaying ice cream balls.

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