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How to scroll

How to scroll

Scroll bar ? universal function, which makes the work with any Internet site easier and faster. This site owners prefer to install on your pages is not only useful, but also beautiful additions suitable design to the overall color scheme of the page.

In this article, we discuss how to set up the site color scrollbar.

There are several ways and one of them? is ready code, which can be installed on any web page in which you want to change the scroll bar.



Select page to change and copy the HTML-code in Notepad.


After the tag & lt-head & gt- paste the code:
& Lt-style & gt-
body {scrollbar-face-color: # 5997CA-
scrollbar-shadow-color: # ffffff-
scrollbar-highlight-color: # ffffff-
scrollbar-3dlight-color: # 5997CA-
scrollbar-darkshadow-color: # 5997CA-
scrollbar-track-color: # F6F6F6-
scrollbar-arrow-color: # F6F6F6-}
& Lt- / style & gt-


The correct code on their ownopposite the color values ​​for each parameter: the scroll bar color, arrows, background color, the scroll bar color boundaries separating strips and so on.


This is the easiest method, but besides him thereAnother one ? maintain the same code with your color settings scrollbars as css-file and upload it to this page. To do this, open the notebook in the above code without tags & lt-style & gt-. Save the file with the code and call it scroll.css. Then upload to the server there, where the page that you want to change the scroll bar.


If you do not know the lettering colors in HTML, get any table with these designations on the Internet. It will help to correlate codes and color, and choose a suitable color for the design of your site.

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