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Screw piles with their hands

Screw piles with their hands

Foundation - the foundation of a residential home onhow strong it will be, it depends largely on how long it will stay the building. Selection of the foundation structure in each case determined by the reliability and durability.

The low-rise housing construction well proven foundation on screw piles.

They can be built in any geographical areas to areas with rough terrain and difficult terrain.

What is the screw piles

Screw piles are hollowsteel tubes, one end of which - the sharp tip provided with a cutting blade, propeller-like vessel. Spiral blade when screwing the pile into the ground allows to screw it as deeply anywhere. When the desired mark and achieved penetration discontinued blade prevents expulsion of the pile out and fix it firmly in the ground, creating a solid foundation on which is built the foundation.

Such design features screw pileseliminate the need for complex lifting mechanisms and to build the foundation of their own hands. But it should be known that the quality of construction depends not only on compliance with technology, it is simple enough, but on the quality of piles themselves. It, in turn, depends on the quality of steel and the blade shape. Experienced master can identify it at first glance at the pile: a screw tip slightly asymmetric correct form, which allows for easy and smooth entry into the soil. If in the process of screwing any difficulties caused not by engineering characteristics of the soil, and made the wrong piles, it can be critical for the future structure, down to destruction.

Buying screw piles, check them against the actual shape and size from those indicated in the data sheet. It is worth asking, and a certificate confirming the quality of piles.

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Benefits foundation on screw piles

Screw piles can be installed manually,and using technical means, the time it may take only 1 day. Their use can save up to 60% of the cost of traditional foundations. For the construction of light suburban or country houses of foam blocks or panels senvich is the best option, providing the reliability of the design for the next 150 years. Pile foundations that do not violate the integrity of the soil, well proven in the most challenging of their types, wetlands, clay and waterlogged soils, providing the necessary seismic resistance of buildings and structures. This building material is environmentally safe. Pile design eliminates the need for waterproofing and immediately after the construction can already be loaded, which reduces construction time and, hence, its value.

Installation technology of screw piles for the foundation

At the preliminary stage of work on the constructionthe foundation on screw piles you need to make a drawing to calculate the necessary amount of your order and decide how long they should be. To do this, you need the results of geotechnical studies to your site, in addition to this, you will need and topographic diagram that you do surveyors. As it is made binding arrangement plan of the foundation of the future house to the situation on the ground and pile field is marked. For convenience, the plan of the future building is divided into rectangles, facilitating control of compliance markings and the actual location of each pile. Making pile field should start with screwing piles, which will be outlined in the corners of rectangles, they will play the role of frames to mark the position of piles located within these rectangles.

Marking accuracy must be maintained in the range of 1-2 cm, it concerns all linear dimensions, including the diagonal.

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The intended for the installation point is placed in the pileupright sharp end with a screw down. If piles of short length and less than 2.5 m, a technological opening located in the upper part of the pile inserted into the thick metal rod or scrap which must be extended at both ends to create a lever. For this, the pieces of pipe. For piles with a length greater than 2.5 m, it is recommended to use special extenders, they are put on top and fix through holes aligned. The welded to the extension cord loop is inserted into a long piece of pipe that will be used as a lever when driving piles. With the help of these simple devices you can manually install the piles, the length of which does not exceed 4 m.

To wrap up the pile, it takes the efforts of 3-4people who for one revolution around its axis piles can bury it at 190 mm. The process of screwing must be constantly monitored by means of a plumb. The deviation from the vertical axis shall not exceed the 1-2o. Tightening continues until the calculated depth is reached, but it should not be less than 1.5 m.

When all the piles are installed, you need to prunethem on the same level. For this purpose, conventional surveying Levels and angle grinders. In clipped piles filled with concrete solution to enhance the strength. When the concrete hardens on piles must be welded end cap. Then, using pins or screws logs all piles linked to a single-screw pile foundation construction.

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