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How to score the pipe in the ground

How to score the pipe in the ground

At arrangement of the suburban area, many are seeking to establish a water column near the house.

For this goal it is usually necessary to ground the metal pipe.

Professional drilling wells can cost quite expensive.

If you want to save money on drilling, try to score the pipe in the ground independently, using improvised tools.

You will need

  • - metal pipe-
  • - Connecting vtulki-
  • - A ferrule konusa-
  • - metal grid-
  • - Steel prutki-
  • - A heavy hammer or kuvalda-
  • - welding machine.



Rate soil properties at the location whereIt is supposed to establish a water column. Introduce the pipe in the ground with the help of simple tools will only be the case if the soil at the site rather soft and malleable. The hard and rocky soil may require the use of professional equipment for drilling of wells.


Pick the right pipe. Its diameter should be approximately 50-75 mm. The length of the tube being driven can be up to one and a half or two meters. If the aquifer is deep enough, you may need a few pieces of the pipe with the parameters outlined above. At the ends of the pipes cut into the thread for coupling sleeves by means of which design can be combined into one unit. It needs also some steel rods with a diameter of about 30 mm and a length of two meters. If necessary, increasing rods, welded together.


Pick a steel cone whose diameterIt corresponds to the size of the pipe. Weld the cone to the bottom of the tube, which must be done in advance longitudinal slit. These slots wrap fine metal mesh, which will perform the function of the filter.


Equipped cone pipe start to drive inland in the desired location, using a steel rod. Rod is lowered into the hollow tube to the stop, and then abruptly raised and lowered. Rod Strikes transferred to a cone, which gradually deepens into the ground, dragging along the entire tube.


If the movement of the tube in the ground becomesdifficult, put on its upper edge a few times with a heavy hammer or sledgehammer. This will help to overcome the resistance, which is most often associated with exposure to the particulate soil cone or small stones.


When you score the tube to the desired depth,Ensure that reached the aquifer. To do this, you just need to fill a bucket of water pipe. If the aquifer is reached, the water goes deep. If it is kept in the tube, it is necessary to continue the pipe clogging, bringing it to the desired depth.

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