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How to hammer a pipe into the ground


How to hammer a pipe into the ground</a>

In the arrangement of the suburban area, many seek to install a water column near the house.

For this it is usually necessary to hammer into the ground a metal pipe.

Professional drilling of a well can be quite expensive.

If you want to save on drilling, try to hammer the pipe into the ground yourself, using improvised tools.

You will need

  • - metal pipe-
  • - connecting bushings-
  • - a metal tip in the form of a cone-
  • - metal grid-
  • - steel rods-
  • - heavy hammer or sledge hammer-
  • - welding machine.



Assess the properties of the soil in the place whereIt is proposed to install a water column. Insert the pipe into the ground with simple means will be obtained only if the ground on the site is soft enough and pliable. Hard and stony soil may require the use of professional equipment for drilling wells.


Pick up a suitable pipe. Its diameter should be about 50-75 mm. The length of the hammered pipe can reach up to one and a half to two meters. If the aquifer is located deep enough, you may need several pipe lengths with the above parameters. At the ends of the pipes, cut the threads for the connecting sleeves, with which the design can be combined into one. It will also require several steel bars with a diameter of about 30 mm and a length of up to two and a half meters. If necessary, the rods are built up by welding.


Choose also a steel cone, whose diameterCorresponds to the size of the pipe. Weld the cone to the bottom of the tube, in which it is necessary to make longitudinal slots in advance. These slots are wrapped with a fine metal mesh that will become a filter function.


Equipped with a cone pipe, start driving inLand in the selected location using a steel rod. The rod is lowered into the hollow tube until it stops, and then sharply raised and lowered. The impact of the rod is transmitted to the cone, which gradually deepens into the ground, dragging the entire pipe behind it.


If the movement of the pipe in the ground becomesDifficult, apply on its upper cut several strokes with a heavy hammer or sledge hammer. This will help overcome the resistance, which is most often associated with the ingress of solid particles of soil or small stones under the cone.


When you slam the pipe to the required depth,Make sure that the aquifer is reached. To do this, simply pour a bucket of water into the pipe. If the aquifer is reached, the water will go deep. If it is held in a pipe, it is necessary to continue clogging the pipe, bringing it to the required depth.

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