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Scarletin in children: possible complications


Scarlet fever in children: possible complications</a>

Scarlet fever is one of the most common infectious diseases that occurs most often in childhood.

It is dangerous not for its current, but for possible complications.

Symptoms of scarlet fever

The most common disease inAutumn-winter period. From the moment of infection and until the first symptoms appear, scarlet fever can pass from one day to a week, after which the temperature rises sharply, the throat turns red, the tonsils become inflamed, and after a day or so a specific red rash appears throughout the body. With severe intoxication, vomiting occurs.
Scarlet fever may be accompanied by headaches,Stool disorders and general weakness, although quite often the manifestations of the disease of children do not bother. The rash begins to peel and completely passes after a week or slightly longer. In this case, the child remains the carrier of the infection for three weeks from the time of the onset of the disease, therefore, it needs isolation.

Changes occur with the color of the language. At the initial stage of the disease, he whitens, then becomes scarlet.

Complications after scarlet fever

The danger of this disease is that whenProper treatment, it can cause a number of complications, ranging from the safest otitis and sinusitis and ending with rheumatoid arthritis. In this case, the complication can occur both directly during the course of the illness, and several weeks after its termination.
Causes concomitant complications pathogenicA streptococcus microbe, because of which complications can also occur with the kidneys (glomerulonephritis) and the heart (toxic myocarditis). In advanced cases, scarlet fever can develop into pneumonia, but with the timely administration of antibiotics, the risk of such a minimal. Completely guarantee the absence of complications will not be able to any doctor, as they depend not only on the timeliness and effectiveness of treatment, but also on the individual state of health.

This disease forms a lifelong immunity, so they suffer from scarlet fever once.

How to avoid complications after scarlet fever

It is necessary not to be frightened of reception of appointedAntibiotics and not try to engage in self-medication, although bed rest with scarlet fever, as well as a plentiful warm drink, help restore health. It is equally important to ensure that the room is sufficiently moist and cool air, which will facilitate breathing and facilitate the removal of mucus, preventing the development of cough. After recovery, it is necessary to pass an urine test to avoid glomerulonephritis in the early stages.

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