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Scarlet fever in children: possible complications

Scarlet fever in children: possible complications

Scarlet fever - is one of the fairly common infectious diseases, most often occurring just in childhood.

It is dangerous not to its current, and possible complications.

Symptoms of scarlet fever

the disease is most common inautumn-winter period. From the moment of infection until the first symptoms of scarlet fever may take from one day to one week, after which the temperature rises sharply, red throat, inflamed tonsils, and after about another day on the whole body red rash appears peculiar. In severe intoxication is vomiting.
Scarlet fever may be accompanied by headache,disorders of the chair and general weakness, although often themselves manifestations of children's diseases do not bother. The rash begins to peel off and fully passes after a week or a little longer. The child is a peddler of infection for three weeks after onset of the disease, will need to be isolated.

Changes occur and the color language. At the initial stage of the disease it is white, then becomes a scarlet.

Complications after scarlet fever

The danger of this disease is that whenproper treatment, it can cause a number of complications, ranging from the most secure otitis media and sinusitis and ending with rheumatoid arthritis. In this complication may arise either directly in the course of disease and several weeks after it ends.
Causes related complications pathogenmicrobe Streptococcus, because of which also may cause problems with the kidneys (glomerulonephritis) and heart (toxic myocarditis). In advanced cases, scarlet fever may develop into pneumonia, but with timely antibiotics such risk is minimal. Fully guarantee the absence of complications can not no doctor, since they depend not only on the timeliness and effectiveness of the treatment, but also on the individual health status.

The disease produces lifelong immunity, because ill with scarlet fever once.

How to avoid the complications of scarlet fever

You must not be afraid of the reception appointedantibiotics and do not try to self-medicate, although bed rest in scarlet fever, as well as plenty of warm drinks, help restore health. It is equally important to ensure enough room is humid and cool air, which will facilitate breathing and contribute to the discharge of mucus, preventing the development of cough. After recovery, you need to be sure to pass a urine test, so as not to miss the early stages of glomerulonephritis.

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