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Sometimes there is a need for scanning of a document (for example, for subsequent sending in a letter by e-mail).

Frequently scan the document is necessary in order to subsequently store them in electronic form in a computer memory.

If you have a scanner connected to a computer, the process of scanning any document takes a minimum of time and does not require any serious skills.

  1. To scan a document, you mustuse any editing software (usually installed on every computer at least one editing & ndash- each user selects the most convenient for a program).
  2. It is recommended to use the scanner resolution 150DPI (150 dots per 1 inch). Color images are usually exposed to the mark of 8 bits. View the settings window may vary slightly (depending on type of scanner), but the essence remains the same themselves.
  3. If you want to scan are not allthe entire document, but only some part of it, select it in advance to the image settings. Save the scanned image should be in JPEG format (quality & ndash- low or medium). The size of the scanned document is usually from 40 to 300 kB.
  4. The possibilities of modern scanners allowscan the document as a single-sided and double-sided printing, without interrupting the course of the operation. At the same time in one operation, you can scan multi-page documents (save a document can be as a whole or individual pages & ndash- in this case, each scanned page will be a separate file), or one page documents in any quantity.
  5. You can scan black and white and colordocuments (the quality of the scanned image will be relatively high). You can even scan pictures & ndash- for this setting should be set corresponding to the largest resolution of the image. Most modern scanners can easily recognize any document (even with the small size of the text).
  6. If you plan to send the scanneddocuments by e-mail, pay attention to the total amount of letters (attached file with the scanned document can be & laquo-& raquo- weigh a lot).
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