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The garden in the style of fusion

Why stop at one of the garden style?

Landscape design in the style of fusion (from the English word fusion, which means "synthesis, fusion") will help you combine several different directions and achieve a unique effect.

Fusion is a mix - sometimes randomor (which is the most common) deliberate - a wide variety of styles. Typically, in such gardens, the focus is on the rich, bright colors, is often used to create a unique, colorful and festive atmosphere.

For large scale use"Sculptural" plant, and sometimes to enhance the idea should be planted throughout the garden area. But the strongest effect can be achieved by planting exotic plants. This may be a yucca, bamboo, various grasses and shrubs that with proper care quite comfortable feel and naschih conditions. In addition, for a variety of stylistic concepts often use containers, planters and pots with flowers and ornamental deciduous plants. The decoration of the garden can be a regular petunias, chrysanthemums or daisies in conjunction with decorative cabbage or garden plants.

The gardens are used in the widest fusionrange of materials, which is unacceptable in other styles. Often a mixture of artificial and natural surfaces, be it concrete, wood, stone and steel. Garden furniture is used to express a special architectural or stylistic orientation, or for the introduction of a certain color. These materials emphasize the contrasts simple structure, for example, borders or screens. In addition, very often use materials such as glass, steel and plastic, which are not traditionally associated with gardening.

As eclectic direction of a number of ideasin time and space, style fusion appeared relatively recently. So do not be afraid to combine seemingly incongruous things. For example, plant a tropical plant in the Japanese rock garden or add elements modernist garden in a Mediterranean style. Fusion allows you to break all the rules and canons.

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