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How to save Windu

How to save Windu

There is always the danger of losing all the timecustomized operating system along with all settings, for example, due to hard disk failure. On the other hand, when the operating system reinstallation always want to save your settings and do not spend time on their recovery.

Fortunately, there are tools to do this.



To transfer data and settings from one versionoperating system to another, you can use the built-in Windows Easy Transfer. It will transfer settings and data, but does not transfer the program, they will have to install yourself.


NTBackup saves user files and foldersin the form of plain text files that you can edit the notepad. The program can make a complete image of your system and is able to detect changes in hardware configuration.


COMODO Backup offers a full feature set backup and synchronize files in different settings with ease and absolutely free.

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