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How to save water

saving water

If you still live without water meters, they should deliver, because they actually help to save water.

Counters are disadvantageous when the apartment prescribed significantly fewer people than live. Or you, for example, reside in the private sector, where a lot of water goes to irrigate land in the summer season.

If you already set the counters, adhering to certain rules, you can save water.

You will need

  • - plastic bottle
  • - mixers
  • - Shower head



Wash the dishes straight into the sink and you will save up to100 liters of water per day. To do so, close the drain hole sink, get water, and add detergent when you wash the dishes, turn on the faucet and rinse it.


Faulty plumbing, be sure to fix that water is not leaking anywhere.


Reduce the amount of drainage in the toilet, this can be placed in the flank plastic bottle filled with water. It will slow down large-scale draining.


Replace faucets with two taps on Rychagova. Recent rapidly mixing water, thus it will reach the desired temperature.


Use a shower head with aeration function,such a nozzle three times saves water consumption. In addition, take a shower much more pleasant, because the aerator water saturates the air bubbles and jets it gives extraordinary softness.

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