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How to save time

How to save time

Often we want to in the day was not twenty-four hours, and, for example, forty-eight. But even in that case, if we would have a chance, we would still not enough this time.

The problem is not that we do not miss him, but the fact that our time is overloaded strange tasks that we perform.

We can not catch everything, but we can save time by getting rid of unnecessary things that clutter up our schedule.

You will need

  • Pen, paper, marker.



Take a sheet of paper and a pen. Select a couple of hours, it is best on the weekend, when no one will bother you, so that you can think and analyze. Write down on a piece of all of what you have been doing for the past week. Make sure that every last detail has been included in this list. Make it in chronological order with the time spent on this or that action.


Select a bright marker actions that are not contributing to any result, but, on the contrary, robs you time. Then make a list of your goals you want to reach and select all the actions that were not aimed at solving these problems.


Now you have a brief analysis of those actions,that you should avoid in order to achieve your goals in the shortest possible time. Make a brief plan for the next week in order to have a clear understanding of their objectives in the near future time. Every week carry out an analysis of your business productivity and make conclusions about the actions that are not effective, or interfere with the tasks, and get rid of them.

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