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How to keep your phone number when changing operator

How to keep your phone number when changing operator

At a meeting of the section №3 Scientific and Technical CouncilRussia at the Ministry of Communications addressed problems of implementation of the new service: preservation of subscriber telephone numbers when switching to another service provider. Already prepared the relevant amendments to the law "On Telecommunications", and at the meeting discussed the proposals for their improvement.

Also voiced the results of tests of telephone number portability (Mobile Number Portability, or MNP), held in August 2011 in the experimental zone.



On the experiment told Director of ScienceZNIIS Viktor Kaledin, as well as the deputy. General Director of OJSC "MTT" Dmitry Gurkin. In its course successfully implemented the transfer of 10 first subscriber numbers from the network "Sky Link" (St. Petersburg) in the network of "Smarts" (Ulyanovsk), and then in the opposite direction. So-called "a routing operator" were hardware OJSC "MTT" and STC "against" responsible for technological support.


As noted communication manager andMass Communications Naum Marder, the lack of this experiment - using only 1 option organization transfer subscriber numbers. Marder believes that the choice should be made from several MNP options after a detailed analysis of each of them.


Although earlier and it reported that administration of conservationphone number when changing operator will happen in 2014, Deputy. Minister admits that this could happen as early as 2013. According to Marder, they get feedback on the draft law and see that many users insist that to happen on January 1, 2013th. He does not exclude that may occur, and such a government decree.


One of the key issues regarding the introduction ofthis service - definition of operator costs (we recall that the draft law service to subscribers free of charge). As estimates of "VimpelCom", the cost of the operator on introduction of MNP, depending on the technical implementation of the scheme and subject to revisions IP-based, will be $ 50-60 million, is a minimum. In addition to one-time costs, operators will also have to pay a year for at least $ 10 million for the maintenance of the accumulating number capacity Clearing Company.


President «Tele2 Russia" Dmitry scary, in turn, said earlier "Vedomosti" that the level of costs for the implementation of MNP could reach about € 10-15 million.

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