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How to save a phone number when changing an operator


How to save a phone number when changing an operator</a>

At the meeting of Section 3 of the Scientific and Technical CouncilUnder the Ministry of Telecommunications of Russia, the problems of implementing a new service were considered: keeping the telephone number for the subscriber when switching to a service by another telecommunications operator. The relevant amendments to the law "On Communications" were already prepared, and at the meeting they discussed proposals for their finalization.

The results of the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) tests carried out in August 2011 in the experimental zone were also announced.



The experiment was told by the director for scienceFSUE TsNIIS Victor Kaledin, as well as deputy. General Director of OJSC "MTT" Dmitry Gurkin. In the course of his successful transfer of 10 subscriber numbers, first from the SkyLink network (St. Petersburg) to the SMARTS network (Ulyanovsk), and then in the opposite direction. The so-called "routing operator" was MTT's technical equipment, and NTTs "Protey" was responsible for technological support.


As noted by the communications administrator andMass communications Naum Marder, the lack of this experiment - the use of only 1 version of the organization of transfer of the subscriber number. Marder believes that the choice should be made from several MNP options after a detailed analysis of each of them.


Although earlier it was reported that the introduction of conservationPhone number when the operator changes will occur in 2014, deputy. The minister admits that this could happen in 2013. According to Marder, they receive feedback on the draft law and see that many subscribers insist that it happens on January 1, 2013. He does not rule out that such a decision of the government can take place.


One of the key questions about the introduction ofOf this service is the definition of the operator's costs (we recall that the service for subscribers is free of charge for the draft law). As VimpelCom estimates, the operator's costs for implementing MNP, depending on the technical implementation scheme and taking into account the modifications of IP-systems, will be $ 50-60 million, this is at least. In addition to the one-off costs, the operators will also have to pay at least $ 10 million a year to maintain the numbering capacity of the clearing company.


The president of "Tele2 Russia" Dmitry Strashnov, in turn, earlier informed Vedomosti that the company's cost of implementing MNP could amount to about 10-15 million euros.

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