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How to save on utility bills

How to save on utility bills

Save on utility bills may officially abandoning those that were imposed or, for example, with the help of high technology.

Featuring different approaches to reduce spending, outlines their benefits, but also revealed the shortcomings of this or that kind of savings.



Purchase a water meter. Otherwise, you will have to pay for hot and cold water, for sanitation (sewer) is not on the actual flow indicators, but on average the standards. The basis for the calculation of the average human consumption becomes.


Ask in the housing department, is there in your home obschedomovoywater meter. Then the amount spent by residents "cubic" is divided by the number of prescribed in the house. This figure is closer to reality. The solution is to install individual meters. This is a complex procedure. It is better to consult a specialist. Even spending an active family of 3-4 people water, pointed out that the equipment pays for itself in 1-2 years, and further savings of 20-40% of the amount paid previously.


You can shoot and record the meter data on a monthly basis, pay them monthly. Alternatively, at the end of the year to do the overall allocation.


Buy electric meters. Choose multirate devices. Dual-rate instruments will monitor how much you have spent day and night how much. Trehtarifnaya program divides the day into three periods, peak load, semi-peak, night. At daylight saving time counter moves automatically. This is beneficial to those who are sitting at the computer, a lot of laundry, watching TV at night. Direct benefit flows to those at night using heaters. If you use electrical appliances in the half-peak time, reduce their spending. The disadvantage would be that does not always work to carry "energy-intensive business" for the night, and the unit cost is not cheap.


Discard the radio receiving, if not in useradio. Find out where the District Administration of Radio, the owner of the apartment need to go there with your passport and make a request to refuse. After some time, come wizard, which will block the outlet and will issue a corresponding certificate. It is necessary to transfer to the billing center, there to have withdrawn from the receipt of the item.


Discard the unlimited conversationsdesk phone, make only a nominal fee for the use of the line, but for the outgoing call to pay by the minute. You can save considerably by using skype: call from one computer that is running the same program, it will be free. The disadvantage is the lack of development of Internet telephony, to provide opportunities for calls to landlines.


Study carefully a receipt, there is prescribedthe amount of insurance premiums. These payments you can not do, the insurance conditions are often not profitable. To insure the property is better in specialized firms.


Pay attention to the management company,which serves the house. For the most basic services can be assigned to high prices. Collect homeowners, it will be valid if at least 50% of residents, require a report from the company. To gather a quorum, you must be interested in all the tenants in the economy utilities.


If you are often away from home, let inmanagement company and a single settlement center of it, to the receipt you are not billed for the use of certain services. Take meter readings together with the housing department or independently monitor all payments and collect receipts. At the end of the year will be able to prove the payment of fees by avoiding recalculation or additional fees.

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