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How to save on funeral

Bury human - costly affair

Funeral - a very difficult and costly affair.

Postpone money for a rainy day is not at all have the opportunity, and plan ahead for the care of life - not the most joyful activity.

Man's death - sad event

If the death of a person caught by surprise, remainjust look for the means to adequately carry out the person on his last journey, and at the same time comply with all the traditions. It is estimated that the cheapest way to burial - a human cremation. In Moscow, the provision of the services of the crematorium is 3400 rubles. Before the death of each can will bury themselves in this way. This method is less costly, but also environmentally friendly. Excluded are the costs of digging the grave, payment ritual team. Sometimes there is not space in cemeteries to hold a burial.
There are many agencies of ritual thathelp families organize a funeral. They do all the hardest work. In such a difficult period of life is difficult to think about some concerns, documents, so a special service will take it upon themselves. Of course, for each service you have to pay, so there is no question about savings.

There is a funeral benefit. The state thus contributes to people who have experienced the death of a loved one. In Moscow, the size of the social benefits of 15 515 rubles.

Worthy last farewell

If the family has difficulties with money, it isIt does not mean that it can not decently bury the man. Of course, you will have to run the chain of command, to collect the documents, choose a place in the cemetery, to order the coffin, wreaths and all other attributes. If the sad event fell on a weekday, you can do everything you need for the day. It should also determine how much money is available, and to evaluate the approximate cost of all expenses. Pay now it is necessary for all, including the location of the cemetery. Relatives never stand aside when there is such a sad event. Everybody is trying to provide all possible assistance, as to bury the man dearly.

If you have friends and family - the owners of the bus, you can ask them to arrange transport of the funeral procession.

In what can be saved

Save possible when choosing ritual paraphernalia. Coffins are made of different materials and sheathed. From this and the cost will depend. When the amount of funds is limited, it is not necessary to arrange the funeral in a big way to cater to public opinion. When organizing memorial dinner is necessary to accurately determine the number of people. The larger the audience, the more the cost of the meal. Some foods, alcohol, cakes can bring their own. Thus, to save a little. In such cases need not be ordered fabulous restaurants, suitable and decent dining.

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