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How to save on everything

You constantly do not have enough money to pay, and increase revenue in the near future is not expected? So, it's time to move to an all-out austerity.

By reducing all items of expenditure, it is possible to carve out a lot of extra money.

And, perhaps, the savings will be for you a temporary means to an amendment of the financial situation and lifestyle.



Determined to save, start to take into account all theircosts. Keep a notebook for expenses records or download the appropriate software program. Record any little thing purchased. Keep a daily personal finance, and at the end of each week to summarize. Consider what it is you are wasting money. Perhaps it will be a surprise for you.


One of the major items of expenditure - food. It is quite possible to save, without the slightest damage to health. Forget the phrase "sample Buy", "I'll try a novelty," and the like. Buy only what you really need. Before going to the store is a list of prospective purchases and carefully follow it.

Conduct monitoring of prices in the surrounding shops andselect the one where the prices of the products on your list is minimal. Keep in mind - if the store is located far away from home, to the value of the products will have to add the cost of transportation (including gasoline for your car).


By purchasing products and household chemicals, look for those that shop produces under its own brand. They are much cheaper and the quality is usually quite high.


Avoid spontaneous purchases - chocolates,carbonated beverages, magazines, lottery bilety.Otpravlyayas to work or for a walk, do not bring your wallet - so you can avoid the temptation to buy some trifle.


Shorten hiking in catering establishments. The only option that you can afford to austerity - a cheap business lunch. Choose a restaurant or cafe, where the price of a lunch the lowest possible, and portions - weighty. Completely excluded from its fast food menu - it is not only bad for your health, but also very uneconomical.


Not bad, you can save on entertainment. Do the math, for example, the cost of Sunday's output with two children. Restaurants, movies or children's center, plus mandatory purchase things like toys, popcorn, cotton candy and other optional details. Instead of expensive recreation go with the family to the park or go on a picnic (take a picnic hamper from home).


Actively use the free services. Instead of purchasing another book Join the library. Instead of going to the movies go to stage student theater - ticket price is symbolic. And do not forget the friendly service. Perhaps among your friends there are barbers or computer experts? You will be able to take advantage of their help, offering to return his.


The money saved necessarily delay -the only way you really feel how much managed to save. Get a separate bank account with unlimited investment for a period of contribution and interest capitalization. At the end of the year you'll find on this account quite weighty sum.

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