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How to save money on long-term goals

The accumulation of money - this is one of those tasks that is easy to say but hard to accomplish. It is much more than just spend less money (although this is often done not so easy).

How much money do you need to set aside and how to keep them?

The following are some tips to help you sort out these issues.



First, give all your debts. Just calculate how much you spend each month on debt accounts, you will find that the best way to save money - is the liquidation of the debt. Once the money is freed from debt payment, they can easily be directed into a savings account. Everything else, the sooner you pay off the debt, the less interest you will pay for it, and that means saving your own money.


Set goals that will motivate you toMoreover, to save money. For this mission is not suitable for short-term goals, because, for the most part, their implementation does not require much effort. Choose something more substantial, such as buying a car or an apartment, a vacation in the country you like. Be sure to find out exactly how much money is required in order to achieve your goal.


Specify a time frame. For example: "I want to buy an apartment in two years, counting from today." However, keep in mind that the time you currently measured out to achieve, must be reasonable. If you put too short a time period, then it is likely that you do not succeed, you despair and lower hands.


Determine how much you need to set aside ina week, a month or pay to reach your goal. The easiest way to calculate the same amount for each period. For example, if you want to save 50,000 rubles for vacation for six months, then you need to set aside at 8333 rubles per month.


Keep a record of your expenses. The fact that you can save, consists of two activities and their difference: the fact that you earn and what you spend. As soon as you take control of your costs will be good to review them. Write down everything you spend on that money, not excluding small expenses. Try to be as accurate as possible.


Reduce your costs. Critically review their records on expenses a month or two. Perhaps you will be surprised when you see that 500 rubles spent on ice cream. You will immediately notice the articles of expenses that can be cut. Depending on how much you need to save, this is likely to take some difficult decisions. Think about your priorities and cut something without which you can live. Calculate how much you will bring the year to reduce costs. However, it became easier?


Once again, look at their goals. Subtract your expenses (those without which you can not live) of your net earnings (ie after tax). What is the difference? whether it relates to all of your goals? Suppose you decide that you have enough in the month to $ 150 for necessary needs, and your salary is $ 230. Thus, you have a balance of $ 80. If you are in any way you can not put all the goals in your budget, look at what you are going to save, and set aside less important goal or extend the time frame. You might want to defer the purchase of cars for a year or so you do not need a new widescreen TV.


Make a budget. Once you manage to balance their revenues with expenses and savings goals, sign your budget so that you know how much money you can spend on any items or categories of items. This is particularly important for the expenses that are not permanent and that you impose restrictions.


Open a savings account with interest. It is much easier to keep track of their savings, if they are separate from your spending. In addition, you will receive interest on their savings, and this additional amount to your savings.


At first put off, and then waste. Savings should be your priority, so do not say that you put all that remains at the end of the month. Set aside savings as soon as receive earnings. The easiest and most effective way to start accumulating - a delay of 10% of each paycheck.


Do not get discouraged and do not give up. You can not think about how to get rich, but to become a millionaire is quite possible, if you create a strict plan for saving and stick to it. You will be surprised how much more enjoyable the things that you plan to buy in the long run than what you can buy as soon as possible. Good things often take time, and the longer you accumulate, the more interest you get on your savings.

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