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How to save men's health


How to save men's health</a>

Physicians are sounding the alarm - they are worried about men's health.

According to the latest research, in the male sperm, the number of spermatozoa has fallen sharply: earlier in 1 ml of sperm the norm was from 60 to 120 million, and now this figure fell to 20-60 million.

But that's not all.

Also significantly increased the number of cases of prostatitis, including in young men.

What is the reason and how to change the situation?

Among the main reasons, urologists call unsuccessful ecology, improper nutrition with preservatives and chemicals, sedentary lifestyle, bad habits and frequent changes of sexual partners.

In order to save your health, you needObserve uncomplicated rules. However, it happens that men, knowing these rules, ignore them or postpone for later. And yet it is worth considering whether it is necessary to give health at the mercy of the case?

- The best means of prevention - morning exercises for 10-15 minutes, constant walking and movement during the working day,

- Revise the eating habits. The ancients said that if the disease came, change the food. If it did not help, then change your lifestyle. If it did not help, go to the doctor-

- Change attitudes towards bad habits. Nicotine leads to spasms of blood vessels and reduces blood supply to the penis. Alcohol kills nerve cells, which also harms the male body-

- Make your sex life regular. This will significantly reduce the risk of inflammation of the prostate-

- It is advisable not to change sexual partners asGloves, practice protected sex. If you fail to protect yourself, within two hours you need to put into the urethra miramistin in solution (pre-urinate). This will reduce the risk of infection-

- At least once a year to visit a urologist for examination for prostatitis. After 45 years it needs to be done more often, and also regularly try to take tests for urogenital infections-

- Do not take drugs for male strength withoutNecessary, and it is better to consult a doctor. It is very important dosage - it can not be exceeded, because it spurs the body, and therefore - drains it. If you have heart problems, you must be careful with drugs with nitroglycerin-

- Be careful when taking medication andCarefully read the contraindications. For example, antihistamines prevent sexual arousal. Therefore, widespread diphenhydramine can not be taken more than 5 days.

- Try to avoid stressful situations, and when you quickly get out of them. As you know, stress creates spasms in the tissues, preventing the flow of blood and nutrients into the cells.

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