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How to save heat

How to save heat

Payment for heating significantly reduces the family budget.

To save money, the heat in the apartment should be maintained. There are several ways.

Saving is rational only if you heat a house for yourself, or are heat meters.

You will need

  • -paroizolyatsionnye materials
  • -heat materials
  • -uteplyayuschie materials for windows
  • heat -schetchiki
  • -termoregulyatory



To save heat in the apartment need to insulate the walls, windows and doors. not be able to save without insulation housing.


For insulation of walls to use modern artificial heaters, which are within reason and have remarkable heatto save the properties.


The most suitable form of insulation - is the insulation of external walls. With careful insulation of external walls of the inner insulation is not necessary to produce.


Obtyanite all exterior walls heatinsulating materials, and on top of themmake extra insulated finish, to which the plaster or encasing the home with brick or concrete blocks, designed for thermal insulation works. This option is only suitable for thermal insulation of a private estate.


If you live in an apartment building, exterior wall insulation may be made. For apartments the most appropriate option is internal insulation.


For internal insulation using steam insulating materials, and on top of their fixed heatinsulation materials. All this is screwed drywall or made zashtukaturivanie walls.


Additionally, you need to make an insulation of windows. To do so, plug up all the cracks and seal with a special tape. In some cases, rational change windows in new or remove frames and produce wall insulation under the window sills and the edges and top of the frame. There are often void that simply frames with insulation can not be repaired.


In a private house also need to insulate the basement and attic space. This will greatly save on heating.


In heaters should be installedthermostats and to install them at a low temperature mode when you are absent, as well as reduce the heating temperature of the heating system at night and in food preparation areas, as there is additional heating due to running boards.


Insulate must not only windows, walls, basement and attic, and doors. In some cases, installed on the door heatvye veil.

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