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How to save heat


How to save heat</a>

Payment for heating significantly reduces the family budget.

To save, heat in the apartment should be maintained. There are several ways for this.

Savings are rational only if you heat the housing yourself or are counters of thermal energy.

You will need

  • -Pauroinsulating materials
  • -thermal insulation materials
  • -Undering materials for windows
  • - heat energy meters
  • -thermal regulators



To save heat In the apartment you need to insulate all the walls, windows and doors. Without insulation of housing can not save.


For the insulation of walls, modern artificial insulators should be used, which stand within reasonable limits and possess remarkable heatSaving properties.


The most suitable type of insulation is the insulation of the external walls. If the outer walls are thoroughly insulated, there is no need for internal insulation to be made.


Tighten all the outer walls heatInsulating materials and on top of themMake an additional warming finish, which includes plastering or lining the house with brick or foam blocks, designed for insulation work. This option is suitable only for the warmth of a private estate.


If you live in an apartment building, external insulation of walls can not be made. For apartments the most acceptable option is internal insulation.


For internal insulation use vapor-insulating materials, and on top of them are fixed heatInsulating materials. All this is screwed with plasterboard or plastered walls.


In addition, it is necessary to make the windows insulated. To do this, it is necessary to stop all the cracks and seal with a special tape. In some cases, it is rational to change the windows to new ones or to remove the frames and to make the walls warm under the windowsills and at the edges and top of the frames. There often there are emptiness, which can not be eliminated by simply insulating frames.


In a private home, you also need to insulate the basement and attic space. This will save a lot on heating.


On heating appliances, installThermostats and set them to a lower temperature regime when you are out, and also to lower the heating temperature of the heating system at night and in places where food is cooked, since there is additional heating due to the operating plate.


It is necessary to warm not only the windows, walls, basement and attic, but also the entrance doors. In some cases, doors are installed heatVe curtains.

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