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How to save flash movie


How to save flash movie</a>

A beautiful flash-movie and it begs to be clicked on it with the right mouse button and add it to the "Favorites" folder.

However, the order of saving the clip with flash animation, to put it mildly, is slightly different from saving a normal picture.

You will need

  • - Opera browser.



Open the web page in Opera's web browser,Which flaunts like a flash-movie. If your network connection is not very fast, wait for the page to load completely, or at least until the video is downloaded. If the video is played without hanging and interruptions, then the download is complete.


Type in the address bar of opera:Cache and press Enter. A new menu will appear that allows you to access the contents of the browser cache. A cache is information that the browser downloads to a computer to display a particular page, for example, pictures, audio and video files, code and, in fact, flash animation. At the top of the menu is an area for searching for specific types of files (bmp, mp4, css, etc.). Among them there is no swf format (this is the format of flash-movies), so another method will be needed.


At the bottom of the menu is a list of files that youVisited recently. Choose one of them, on which you have noticed the liked flash-roller. Click the "Preview" button - it is to the right of the site name. A list of files that have been downloaded by the browser to display the pages of this site will appear. Among them must be the desired movie - a file with the format swf. As a rule, the name of the video is directly related to its theme.


After you have found, as you think,The required file, click on it with the left button. A new window will appear in which the video will start playing. If this is not the file you are looking for, click the Backspace button on your keyboard or press Alt + Left. You return to the previous page and can continue to search.


To save the movie with flash animation, clickBy its name, right-click. A new window will appear, in which select "Save by reference as", then define the path for the file and click "Save".

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