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How to save the wooden house from mold

Mould on the walls - a source of disease

Poor ventilation and high humidity - the causes of mold in the house.

On the walls, the ceiling can detect dark or green spots.

This problem must be eliminated as much as possible faster.

Where does mold

Tiny seeds of fungi are present everywhere,they are in the air with dust and invisible to the eye. When favorable conditions occur, the spores are activated. For their reproduction requires high humidity and heat. If the seeds fall mushrooms on a wet wooden surface, they begin to grow in depth and extensively spread over the entire surface. There are whole colonies of fungi. The most optimal temperature for them to 20 ° C and humidity should be above 95%.

Mold destroys not only the structure of the tree, shegradually destroys the human body. Fungi can cause the following diseases: bronchitis, asthma, stomatitis, tracheitis, thrush, allergies. According to experts disinfecting procedures to remove mildew help only temporarily, it is necessary to remove the cause. It is necessary to eliminate the breeding ground for mold spores.

If there is no material means to eliminate the cause of the mold, it is necessary to start with her struggle with chemical antifungal agents.

How to remove mold

Most often there is mold in the bathroom andtoilet rooms. The cause may be a malfunction sewerage or running water, and the absence of pollution or exhaust. "Weeping" wall - place mold settlement. It is necessary to pay due attention to the pipes time to eliminate leakage. In winter, all the rooms have to be heated. It is necessary to check basements, ensure there is a good waterproofing, to protect from dirt and meltwater.

If the roof flows, it is necessary to seal the problem areas to prevent moisture from penetrating into the room.

Plastic windows have many advantages, along withthey have some disadvantages. They violate the proper ventilation in the room because of the good germentichnosti. During chores excess water vapor rises to the top and go through the window or ventilation. Otherwise, the increased air humidity. It is necessary to ventilate the room, but not long enough to wet the street has not penetrated into the house. It is best to put a plastic box with inserts opening. The kitchen and bathroom should be a powerful extractor. Mold often appears on the walls behind furniture. In this case, you need to move the furniture away from the wall a couple of centimeters, to improve air circulation.

The appearance of mold in a wooden house cancontribute to poor insulation of walls and buildings (external and internal). It is necessary to insulate the walls and slopes if you can not do it from the outside, the inside is done. Still need to eliminate all the gaps between the wooden beams. In the space between them gets moisture and creates a favorable environment for mold. It is necessary to check the box on the window cracks and gaps. In case of detection - plaster the outside and inside.

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