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How to save a photo from Contacts


In the social network "VKontakte" a lot of photos. Some of them are so original and interesting that there is a desire to keep them at home.

But how to do it, not everyone understands.

Nevertheless, this task has already been accomplished.



Save a photo from the social network "Vkontakte" you cantwo ways. Both of these methods work in the Google Chrome browser. Hover over the desired photo on the user's page cursor and click once. A separate window with a photo opens. In the upper right part of the window you will see the message "Close". This means that you are in the right place.


At the bottom of the window on the right, find the "Share" line. Next to this line is a small triangle, pointing the top down. Hover your mouse over it. The menu will open, consisting of three items. From them you should select the bottom one - "Load original to disk". Hover over it and click once. A new page will open with the image.


Now right click on the imageMouse and in the opened menu select the item "Save picture as". A window will appear with the indicated location of the picture on your computer. Change the name of the picture, if you want, and click "Save". Your photo has been saved.

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