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Sansevery: grow house

Sansevera: grow house

Sansevera a potted plant that can contain almost any conditions.

She is not afraid of drafts and cool buildings.

Therefore, to cope with the cultivation of this exotic beauty can even novice amateur grower.

Care sansevery is quite simple: it is equally well and feels warm and rather cool place. Watering this beauty needs moderate. In the Spring and Autumn period between moistening the soil should dry out completely. In winter, the number of incoming water is better to reduce, but not prevent drying out of the soil. Another important condition for the full development of sansevery - moisture should not fall into the power outlet, as this causes rot, which are difficult to treat.
The light should be bright and diffused. Otherwise variegated leaves lose color intensity and become faded and unattractive. In a room with windows facing the north side, it is recommended to install an additional artificial lighting. photoperiod duration must be at least 16 hours.
Summer sansevery desirable to make the balcony. The plant is better protected from direct sunlight with a special screen. Remember that it is not feeling well at very high humidity and constant shade.
As already mentioned, the plant tolerates andcool and warm. However, the better to observe the temperature regime. In the spring of exotic flirt recommended to keep at 18-20 degrees, while in winter and autumn - at 14 degrees.

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