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Sangria with champagne and strawberries


Sangria with champagne and strawberries</a>

Champagne and strawberry - a combination for a romantic dinner. Light taste of this drink and its invigorating aroma will make your evening unforgettable.

Usually sangria is a Spanish drink that is made from red wine with the addition of various fruits.

Our sangria is a bit different from the classic recipe, it's prepared with champagne, but it does not become less delicious.

You will need

  • - a bottle of champagne-
  • - 1 green apple-
  • - 1 lime-
  • - a stick of cinnamon-
  • - 10 strawberry-
  • - half a lemon-
  • - 50 g of sugar-
  • - 6 leaves of fresh mint.



Rinse the strawberries, dry it, cut each berry into four pieces. Peel the lime, lemon, apple, cut into small cubes.


Add to the prepared fruit cinnamon, mint, fill up the sugar. It is better to take not ordinary sugar, but brown or cane - it will give the drink a unique taste.


All these components, put in a jug, clean the refrigerator for three hours. When a syrup of sugar appears on the bottom, you can get a jug.


Pour in a jar of champagne about 30 minutes before the moment when you plan to serve a drink. Take it back to the refrigerator. Sangria with champagne must be served chilled.


If you make a drink not in the berry season, then instead of strawberries add the cut peaches, it will turn out too delicious. You can also add some forest berries - this will give the drink a divine color.

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