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Sangria with champagne and strawberries

Sangria with champagne and strawberries

Champagne and strawberries - a combination for a romantic dinner. Gentle taste of the drink and its invigorating flavor will make your evening memorable.

Usually sangria - a Spanish drink that is made from red wine with different fruits.

Our sangria is a bit different from the classic recipe, cooked with champagne, but this does not become less tasty.

You will need

  • - Shampanskogo- bottle
  • - 1 green yabloko-
  • - 1 laym-
  • - Wand koritsy-
  • - 10 klubnichek-
  • - Half limona-
  • - 50 g sahara-
  • - 6 leaves of fresh mint.



Wash strawberries, dry it, cut each berry into four parts. Clean lime, lemon, apple, cut into small cubes.


Add the prepared fruit cinnamon, mint, pour sugar. Better not take regular sugar, and brown or cane - it will give the drink a unique taste.


All of these components Transfer to a jar, store it in the fridge for three hours. When the bottom of the sugar syrup will be possible to get a pitcher.


Pour into a jug champagne for about 30 minutes until the plan submitted drink. Again, store in a refrigerator. Sangria with champagne should definitely serve chilled.


If you do not drink in the berry season, instead of strawberries, add the chopped peaches, will also delicious. Maybe even add a bit of wild berries - this will give the drink a divine color.

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