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Sandwich Diet


Many girls who want to lose weight, veryIrritable, embittered. Most often this is due to the main rule of losing weight: an exception to the diet of flour. Low-carb diets have a side effect: a good mood disappears along with excess kilograms. Girls are nervous, they are not at all pleased with the process of weight loss.

Sandwich Diet
Dietitian Olga Rats from Israel has thought about thisA difficult situation. Serotonin is an important hormone that affects sleep, appetite, and mood. The development of serotonin is stimulated by carbohydrates, which are primarily excluded from the diet. The level of serotinum will drop very quickly, if to eat exclusively protein food. The problem can be solved. Complex carbohydrates should form the basis of the diet, so it is worth checking out the sandwich diet.

Features of a sandwich diet:

- When preparing sandwiches you need to take grain bread. Here, cakes, loaves, lavashi-
- Slices of bread should be taken thin, the weight of one slice should not be more than 15 g-
- as a filling you can take peanut butter, hummus, vegetables, cottage cheese. Sometimes you can pamper yourself with a slice of turkey or chicken breast-
- smear the filling with a thin layer, almost transparent-
- a girl a day can eat up to 12 sandwiches, men can be 4 sandwiches more,
- there are sandwiches should be at intervals of a couple of hours-
- Between meals drink clear water, green tea, fresh juices. Eliminate the coffee-
- Thrice a week eat one sandwich with fish, preferably - tuna.

Stick to a sandwich diet for two weeks. After the end of the term, you should slowly replace the bread with pasta, beans, wild rice. The basis of the diet is vegetables, white meat. This diet is low-calorie. It is necessary to observe all listed rules, then for a day you will eat up to 1500 kcal. In grain bread, a lot of fiber, which is needed for the gastrointestinal tract. And bread is rich in vitamins of group B, and these vitamins are beneficial for nails, skin, hair. In addition, the bread is satisfying.

Do not forget to exclude from the diet of bakeryProducts, chips, fatty meat. Of course, it is forbidden to eat fast food. Do not forget about physical activity - swim, dance, or go to the gym. Engage daily for 40-50 minutes.

Have a diet and flaws. Many are accustomed to eating three times a day, so it will be difficult to restructure. But the diet is suitable for lovers of chewing.

And like any other diet, a sandwich should start with a doctor's consultation!

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