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A salt-free diet


Salt gives any food a taste. When cooking almost all dishes, salt is used. Salt contains many useful elements. But with all its useful properties, there is a negative side. Salt slows down the metabolism, which leads to the appearance of extra pounds.

A salt-free diet
Therefore, most dieticians advocateSalt-free diet and recommend it to women with excess weight. Of course, at the same time a note is made that it is not necessary to give up salt completely. It is only necessary to reduce its consumption. Because salt helps to remove excess calcium from the body due to the large sodium content. You can not abuse the use of salt in food, the excess of any trace elements in the body lead to unpleasant consequences. Specialists found that people use 12-16 grams above the daily allowance. That negatively affects the work of internal organs and the reduction in the amount of salt used will be for the benefit of man only.

A salt-free diet implies a properApplication of salt. With this diet, you should salt food only after cooking. Salt food during cooking and directly during eating can not.

Experts still advise those who adhere toLike a diet, to eat a minimum amount of food, portionwise and several times a day. That's right - this is when not a lot and not a little. Therefore, you need to eat right. Having sharply reduced the use of salt, a person at first can not get used. But as the results of research of experts have shown, slightly salted food becomes normal for a person and he does not feel any discomfort. Many, to give food at least some taste, add green onions, a pinch of black pepper and so on.

At the moment there are many differentSalt-free diets. The most famous are the diet of Elena Malysheva and the so-called "Japanese diet". Everything is based on the reduction of salt intake. Each nutritionist has his own recommendations in this matter. But in one opinion the experts are similarly "categorically forbidden the complete exclusion of salt from the diet." Not observance of this rule leads to various diseases, including violation of the heart.

Here is one diet option: for a day you should make 5 meals.
1) For breakfast you can drink a cup of tea, eat not a lot of bread or cottage cheese.
2) After a couple of hours, eat an apple (you can bake).
3) In the lunch for the first cook - mushroom soup, on the second - a fresh salad from tomatoes, well, for dessert you can eat a piece of apple pie.
4) Just a couple of hours, drink a broth of dogrose and eat some bread and jam.
5) For dinner, boiled potatoes with lettuce leaves, and for dessert skim yogurt.

Remember, to diets should be approached judiciously and constructively. And it is better to consult a doctor.

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