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SALT as a panacea in the home beauty salon

Salt bath

At sea, the skin is always soft and velvety. And the thing of sea salt.

She - the perfect universal tool that is suitable for almost any non-allergenic skin too.

This Salt property can be used at home to make a real beauty.



Relaxing bath. The recommended amount of sea salt - from 200 g to 1 kg per bath. But do not overdo it, especially for the first time - the body can not "understand". Soak in warm salt water for 15-20 minutes, think of something pleasant, a good listen to relaxing music. From this treatment all internal systems - and the circulatory and immune, and nervous - will come to order. But most of all joy in your skin: faster refresh and come in tone.
This bath can be taken at least every day, butdoctors recommend limited to 2 times per week for 15 minutes. And care should be taken with salt bath if your skin has sores, cuts and other injuries.
After the bath, avoid drafts and thermal effects. Thoroughly wash off the salt water and apply to the skin nourishing cream.


Local salt bath with salt concentration2.1%. They effectively strengthen the nails and help to keep your hands in the best condition. Assist bath and breaking joints of: if the water temperature should be adjusted to 40 degrees celsius and increase the salt concentration to 10%.


Peeling after a bath or sauna. Take a pinch of salt in the palm with water and vigorously rub the body. The softened skin can easily be cleansed and refreshed. If the skin is dry, add olive oil. After 15 minutes rinse with warm gruel with water and apply to the skin lotion.


Washing with salt water. The concentration depends on skin type:
- For fat - a glass of water, dissolve 1 tablespoon of soliton
- Normal - a glass of water, dissolve 1 teaspoon of soliton
- For dry and sensitive - dissolve in a glass of water 0.5 teaspoon of salt.
Ideally, use distilled water for washing, but the fit and boiled. The main thing that is not from the tap.

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