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Saint Mary Magdalene: some facts of life

Saint Mary Magdalene: some facts of life

In the face of the saints of the Christian Orthodox Church can find many female names.

A special place among the great ascetic piety occupy myrrhbearers.

One of those was the holy Equal of the Apostles Mary Magdalene.

Holy Mary was from the city of Magdala inSyria. That's why this is called the holy of traditional and Magdalene. Also called the Holy Equal to the Apostles to the extent that Maria preached the gospel with great zeal, like the great apostles.

Mary Magdalene to the encounter with Christ waspossessed by demons. Hearing about the great miracles of the Savior (including expulsion of devils) gave the suffering woman in Galilee. It was there that Jesus healed Mary, seeing her great faith and hope in God. The Gospel tells us that because Mary was expelled seven demons. Since that time, the future Holy Equal to the Apostles believed in the Lord, and became one of the diligent students savior. She followed Christ together with other women and ministered to Him.
Holy Mary was present on Calvary at the crucifixion of the Savior, saw his agony, had witnessed removal of Jesus' body from the cross.

Before dawn on the day of resurrectionHoly Christ before anyone came to the Savior's tomb to anoint the body of the last special flavors (the world). It was in a cave where Christ was buried, Mary Magdalene, and saw the resurrected God-man, but recognized him immediately, initially taking the gardener. It was only after the assurance of Jesus Christ she realized the importance and greatness of the incident. After this phenomenon, Mary Magdalene went to the disciples to tell about the resurrection of Christ.

After the ascension of Christ into heaven, holy stayedtogether with the other apostles and the Virgin Mary in Jerusalem, and after Pentecost went to preach in Rome. There's St. Mary presented to the Emperor Tiberius flushed egg with the words that Christ has risen. She told the emperor about the unjust condemnation of Pilate, the miracles of the Savior and His suffering. Since then, the tradition has gone to paint eggs for Easter.

The days of his life on earth holy graduated back in I century. In the IX century holy relics were transferred from Ephesus to Constantinople. The particles of the relics of the great ascetic are also on Mount Athos and Jerusalem.

St. Mary Magdalene Church is calledAnointed. This name is due to the fact that it was one of those women, who according to Jewish tradition anointed Christ's body is buried world. Also Mary, and after the death of the Savior came to the tomb with the flavors of the anointing of Jesus' body.

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