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Safety rules in the public WiFi network

Safety regulations in the public WiFi network

With the advent of WiFi Internet is firmly entrenched in our lives, because now you can not only be online via a home PC, but also with a laptop or a smartphone.

However, sometimes using a free public network benefits in cafes or subway, we can become a victim of fraud.



Turn off the option "Sharing" to your files.
Before you connect to a WiFi network publicbe sure to check off whether share documents on your device. To close the joint access to your files and prohibit detection gadget by other users on the network, you must go to the Control Panel, then select "Network and Internet", then uncheck all the options.


Connect VPN protocol.
VPN stands for "Virtual Privatenet". Using a VPN allows all of your Internet traffic through a special secure network, thus limiting the possibility of unauthorized access.


Turn off the option to automatically connect to a WiFi network.
Check to see if your device is connected tofamiliar WiFi-network automatically. The fact that the attackers can easily use this loophole to get hold of sensitive information on your phone.


Specify the name of the WiFi.
Do not hurry to rejoice, if in the nextMcDonald's you find a free nezaparolenny vayfay without limit in time. It is possible that the public network has been created by fraudsters. Therefore, always check with the staff handed out the exact name of the WiFi-connection.


Use SSL-expansion.
The SSL protocol allows the user to communicate with sites coded information. Of course, this information is very difficult to decipher and use it with bad intentions.


Protect passwords.
Try not to use the same password on two accounts. If you have difficulty in remembering passwords, you can take advantage of special programs - password manager.


Check the firewall and antivirus programs.
Although firewalls and programs are not able to provide you 100% safety, it is necessary to always download the latest updates databases. Typically, they can be used to avoid major fraud.

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