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Safety rules in the public WiFi network


Security rules in the public WiFi network</a>

With the advent of WiFi Internet has firmly entered our lives, because now you can be online not only with your home PC, but also with a laptop or smartphone.

However, sometimes, taking advantage of the free public network in a cafe or metro, we can become a victim of scammers.



Turn off the "Sharing" option to your files.
Before connecting to a public WiFi networkBe sure to check that the sharing of documents on your device is turned off. To close sharing your files and prevent gadget detection by other users of this network, go to the Control Panel, then select the "Network and Internet" item, and then uncheck all options.


Connect the VPN protocol.
VPN stands for "private virtualnet". Using VPN allows you to conduct all your Internet traffic through a special secure network, thereby limiting the possibility of unauthorized access.


Turn off the automatic connection to the WiFi network.
Check if your device is connecting toThe familiar WiFi network automatically. The fact is that attackers can easily use this loophole in order to seize the secret information on your phone.


Specify the name of WiFi.
Do not rush to rejoice, if in the nextMcDonald's, you found a free, non-password-free wifay without a time limit. It is possible that this public network was created by scammers. Therefore, always check with the employees the exact name of the WiFi connection being distributed.


Use SSL extensions.
The SSL protocol allows the user to exchange encoded information with the sites. Naturally, such information is very difficult to decipher and use with bad intentions.


Protect passwords.
Try not to use the same password on two accounts. If you experience difficulties in remembering passwords, you can use special programs - password managers.


Check the operation of the firewall and antivirus software.
Although firewalls and programs are not able to provide you with 100% security, it's always worth downloading the latest database updates. Usually with their help you can avoid major fraud.

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