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Safe preparations for pest control


Often, amateur gardeners do not reflect on the fact,By what means they process their plants against pests. And in vain, because the use of chemical agents harms not only the environment, but also human health. Not all of them know that there are drugs that do not pollute the air, water and soil, and even more so the products and the human body are biological preparations.

Safe preparations for pest control

Modern chemical industry producesA lot of harmless microbiological agents, over the last decade, the latest developments of scientists have appeared, allowing to grow an environmentally friendly crop. Some of them go on sale through the trade network of stores.

Bithoxybacillin - Bacterial preparation of intestinal action. This remedy is practically harmless for warm-blooded animals and humans, non-toxic for beneficial insects. It causes intestinal toxicosis in pests, therefore the greatest effect is achieved with the use of bitoxybacillin during the active feeding of caterpillars. Young caterpillars are distinguished by voracity, they capture the greatest amount of substance, therefore, the effect on them is stronger.

Bithoxybacillin copes withCabbage pests - turnip and cabbage whortle, cabbage scoop. Spider mites, so badly damaging to cucumbers, young larvae of the Colorado potato beetle perish when processed with this drug. In the garden, the leaves of apple trees are fed by the gypsum of apple and fruit moths, leaf-rolls, and the leaves of gooseberry and currant are the caterpillars of the leaf roller, the firefly, the sawfly. To destroy these insects also by force bitoksibatsillinu. The effectiveness of the tool is such that it reduces the number of harmful insects of subsequent generations.

Dendrobacillin - insecticidal microbial preparation of intestinalAction, active substance - spore-crystalline complex. The drug is harmless to plants, does not accumulate in them, is toxic to humans, animals and bees. The treatment is carried out once a week against each generation of pests. Five days before harvesting, the processing is stopped. The effect of the drug on pests is about the same as that of bitoxybacillin.

Lepidocid Identical in its effect on caterpillarsPrevious drugs. It is used against caterpillars of moths, moths, sawflies, leaf rollers, fires, silkworms, apple moth, meadow moth, etc. , As well as for the protection of fruit and berry trees and shrubs.

The active substance Entobacterin Are toxic protein crystalsCertain bacteria and their living spores. Especially effective is the drug along with permetrin, in liquid form it is used against caterpillars of all kinds of butterflies damaging fruit trees and shrubs. It is harmless for plants, it is not toxic for humans and animals.

The developers are preparing a new generation of drugs - Bacicola and Actinine, Which have an even wider range of applications. So, Batsikol,Among other things, it acts on a cruciferous flea, a strawberry-raspberry weevil and other pests. Actinine Especially effective against carrot leaf block, which affects the plant, strongly twisting it.

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