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Crocus - a harbinger of spring

Crocus kasatikovyh belongs to the family, which numbered more than eighty birth.

Gentle primroses can be grown even in the home.

In gratitude for the proper care they will fill your home comfort and a delicate aroma of spring.

Care crocuses are not very complicated, but it requirescompliance with certain rules. At home, primroses recommended to keep at a temperature of 18-20 degrees. In winter, the plants will have enough 10 degrees.
Positioning potted crocuses better in bright places, where they will be warm sunlight. In the shadow of the plant will not begin full-fledged development.
Watering should be abundant and crocuses only in summerseason. In winter, the plant is not required to moisturize, and during the growing season, try to provide a dry environment. Spray spring beauties do not need.
Potted primroses prefer soil thatIt does not retain water. For planting crocus are ideal for light loam. In the soil can add river sand or fine gravel, which will provide good drainage. Enrich the soil will help ground sheet or rotted manure. Remember that crocus not tolerate acidic soils.
Transplant is required annually in spring. To do this, use the following recommended soil mix: 1 part sand, turf and ground sheet. At this time the liquid feeding is encouraged inorganic low content of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium.

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