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Country style in landscape design


In recent years,Rustic landscape style. People who aspire to touch the rural life try to fill the surrounding world with elements of rural life. Country style or country style is characterized by simplicity of decorations and a huge variety of herbs and flowers. Particularly piquant will be given to elements of rural life: an old cart and a wicker basket adapted for a peculiar flower bed, a well in the yard, an old wheel carelessly thrown in the corner of the courtyard.

Country style implies the division of the plotIn 5 parts. The first zone surrounds the house. The second zone is used for economic purposes. The third is the garden. The fourth is intended for garden needs. The fifth zone is used as a resting place. Each zone is desirable to be separated from each other by some hedge. Perhaps it will be a wattle fence covered with plants, and maybe a row of sunflowers, a wall separating one zone from the other.

A small flower garden with asters, calendula orAnnual dahlias complement the rural charm of the house. On a small lawn with poppies, clover and field grasses, children can play and frolic in front of the house. The path leading from the house is best done from natural stone, granite chips or screenings. It will be inappropriate traditional laying of pavers. Along the path you can plant an avenue of fruit trees. During flowering in the spring they will fill the souls of those present with quiet delight and a sense of happiness. And in the autumn the owners will be able to brag about the ripened harvest before the guests.

The area of ​​garden beds can also look veryUnusual. Planted on the edges of the ridge of bushes of spices and herbs aesthetically arrange planting, without occupying additional space. The beds can be interspersed with bushes of currant, gooseberry, honeysuckle. They will not only decorate the territory of the garden, but also protect the planting from weathering.

The country style has no hard boundaries. Therefore, everyone will be able to equip their site at will, regardless of knowledge and skills, and with a minimum of costs. And the style of "country" will make the space unique and unique.

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