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Russian skiers won the Olympic marathon at 50 kilometers

Russian athletes won all the places of honor

Last day of competition was the triumph for Russian skiers.

After the athletes were able to occupy the entire podium, receiving the bronze, silver and gold medals.

That brings me to the end of the XXII Olympic Games,which took place in Russia. At the beginning of the competition, no one could have predicted that the Olympics will be one of the most successful for the Russian national team in recent years. Now we can say with confidence that Russia takes first place in the unofficial medal standings. Literally in the last three days of games, Russian athletes have made a big leap, bringing the team several gold medals.

Last day of the event memorable Russiafans for a long time. It is in this day played a set of medals in the most prestigious and difficult ski race - a marathon of 50 kilometers freestyle. The Defender of the Fatherland Day, a Russian skiers managed to make a real man's feat - only Russian athletes on the podium.

The race was exciting until the last minutecompetition. Only in the last meters distance, skiers able to resolve the dispute over the medals. So, I come to the finish line first, Alexander easily. Second and third places were determined by means of a photo-finish, as a result of Maxim Vylegzhanin just 0.1 seconds ahead of Ilia Chernousov. The last time Russia ski marathon winner was Mikhail Ivanov, who won a gold medal in 2002. With this triumph, the Russian national team secured the victory ahead of schedule on the number of medals won.

And doubly pleased that the medals will be awardedwinners at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games. As many as three of the flag of the Russian team at the stadium will rise, it is a triumph and a final chord at this Olympics. After all, Russia has been able to prove to the world that is able not only to organize the most extensive in the history of the game, but to win with dignity.

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