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How do Russian folk doll

How do Russian folk doll

Uncomplicated Russian folk doll pleases modern child no less than pleased when some of his great-grandmother.

In spite of a very large assortment of toys in stores, hand made small pupae are often the most expensive and loved ones.

In the old days, some of them were considered amulets, play their children are not allowed, and from this, they became even more attractive.

You will need

  • - Cotton or linen cloth-
  • - grain
  • - Scraps of fabric for odezhdy-
  • - Woolen or linen thread.



Options for the manufacture of Russian folk dollsenough. Each of them has its own function. They were made of different materials - scraps, corn, straw, wool thread. As a rule, popular toys, endowed with magical properties, were made without a face. But the doll, made exclusively for the game and did not participate in any rituals can be a person.


Make a doll-zernovushku. Cut out of thick cotton or linen fabric square. Fold it in half face inward. The long sides prostrochite or sew on his hands. Bottom pull the wool or linen thread. Sews it on the edge is optional. Remove the resulting bag.


Fill a bag of grain. In ancient times it was believed that it is necessary to take only whole grains of the new harvest. In the modern store it is difficult to determine when to harvest buckwheat or oats, commercially available, so the rule can not be observed. But in any case, the grain needed to select and fill the bag the most selective. You can take millet, rice, wheat, any other grain. You can do a few of these dolls with different stuffing. Tamp the bag tightly and tie on top.


From patches make the skirt and apron. Skirt can not sew, it's just a strip of fabric, which completely covers the bottom part of the bag, that is, one in which the node is inside. Apron - shred smaller. Apply the first skirt, apron and then fasten it all the bright belt of woolen thread at a distance of about 1/3 of the height of the bag, counting from the bottom.


Make the doll's head. For this purpose, aside from above 1/3 of the height. The neck shape woolen thread. Tie a scarf, and on top - a handkerchief. It was believed that the doll-zernovushki bring wealth into the house, so they planted more often closer to the plate or to the workplace. Such Hair doll usually do, but now it is not forbidden. Cut the linen thread and sew them to the head, so they're a bit stuck out from under her shawl.


You can make and a doll made of cloth. The technology of its production is available to all. Take a piece of thick fabric and roll from his thick short roller. Wrap it with white shreds, bottom configure neck bandaged her woolen thread. The same thread, wrap your head so that they crossed on the ground face. Roll two more roller. The one that is designed for the body should be thicker and a longer first. The third roller is designed for hands, it is thinner.


Trunk-to-head tie and wrap the threadthroughout. Hands attach the same thread to the upper body, perpendicular to it. Clothes for dolls are made of multi-colored patches, and a wig - of woolen threads, putting them into a bundle.

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