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Russia or the US - whose army is stronger</a>

Because of the well-known events related to Ukraine,Russia's relations with many Western countries and with the NATO bloc, where the United States plays a leading role, have sharply escalated. Of course, given the potential opponents of huge arsenals of thermonuclear weapons that guarantee the destruction of the other side, even in the event of a successful first strike, the likelihood of war is negligible.

Nevertheless, reality forces us to take the potential threat seriously.

Which army is stronger - Russian or American?

From a formal point of view, the US Army is stronger. The strength of the army depends on very many indicators, among which, of course, its most important role is played by its total strength and equipment with modern military equipment. By the number of personnel of the US armed forces are significantly ahead of Russia. In the US ground forces, air forces and naval forces currently serve about 1.43 million people, and in Russia - about 0.77 million. That is, the advantage of Americans "in people" is almost double.
More than 4-fold superiority in the potential enemy and in the air. Americans have about 13,700 aircraft and helicopters, while Russia has only about 3,100.
The US is also much stronger in the naval forces. Although the total number of their warships (about 470) is only about a third larger than Russian (about 350), the United States has absolute dominance in the aircraft carrier class.

Even if Russia can, within the next fewSeveral years to build several aircraft carriers (and this is an extremely difficult and expensive business), the US advantage in these floating airfields will still be overwhelming.

But in tanks and self-propelled artillery systems, almost double the superiority of Russia. Against approximately 8,300 American tanks and self-propelled guns, Russia can deploy about 15,500 of its units.

As far as the armed forces of Russia are ready for war

The Russian armed forces are able to reliably ensure the security of the citizens of the country. Why, because the Americans have more military, aircraft, ships?

Although the Russian army in many respectsIs inferior to the US, and Russia's military budget is much smaller than that of the United States, the Russian armed forces can deal a crushing blow back across the territory of any aggressor.

The protective system "Perimeter", or "Dead Hand"As they call it in the West, with a 100% guarantee provides the possibility of a retaliatory strike with thermonuclear weapons, even under the condition of a sudden attack and the destruction of command posts and communication centers.
Therefore, the question "Whose army is stronger?"In these conditions is simply meaningless. In addition, the whole world history shows that in addition to the strength of troops and their equipment, a huge role is played by the morale of soldiers and officers, their confidence in the correctness of their cause, patriotism and readiness to defend their Motherland to the end.

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