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How to run process explorer

How to run process explorer

The process explorer.exe is responsible for the graphical interface of the operating system. If he will not run in Windows «Start» menu will not be displayed, the components of desktop and other graphical operating system components.

Of course, this process is started automatically.

But there are times when this does not happen.

In this case, you need to run explorer.exe own.

You will need

  • - Computer of Windows.



When the graphical interface of the operating systemoff, run programs, you can use the Task Manager. In Windows XP Task Manager will start immediately after pressing the key combination Ctrl-Shift-Esc. If you are using Windows 7, press the Ctrl-Alt-Del key, and then a window will appear, in which you can select Task Manager.


click on the component "File" in the Task Manager. Then right-click menu, select "New Task." Then enter the name of the explorer.exe process. After that, he must immediately start. If the file has been corrupted, you will receive an error message. In a situation if he did will not be available in the operating system folder, nothing will happen. In such cases, the need to reset the file.


Operation replace or restore the file mustoccur in Safe Mode. Also, you must have a disc with the operating system distribution. To access the operating system boot menu choices when the computer starts, press F8. In some cases, there may be other key F. In the worst case, try to push them in turn. In this menu, select "Safe Mode." Wait for loading the operating system. After the operating system is running, insert the drive disk of a computer with the operating system distribution.


Use the "Start" to get the disk file explorer.exe. Copy this file to any hard disk partition. Then rename it to explorer.exe. Now copy the renamed file to the Windows folder. If in your case file becomes corrupt, then before you copy, delete the corrupted file from the hard disk. If the file is missing, simply copy the new. Restart the computer. After the reboot, everything should work fine.

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