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How to run the autorun program

How to run the autorun program

Startup program is possible with any carrier that is connected to the computer.

To this end, the carrier has to be the autorun.inf file with the necessary startup parameters.

To create an autorun program from a flash drive, you need to make some adjustments in the system.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - Administratora- rights
  • - the Internet.



Copy the support program for whichyou need to create autorun. Please note that not all programs can be run from the media. Bulk applications will work properly with the stick. Autorun is better to implement small programs undemanding to memory.


Create an autorun file.inf, and then copy it to the media. Create a file of this type may be in the usual notebook, asking him inf extension and filling out the required fields. Run the application "Notepad" can be from the "Start" menu "Accessories" section. It is also possible to create and another editor. In any case, you will need to save it in the inf format, so that the system was able to recognize the file.


Fill in all the blocks in the file. For example, a simple example avtorana as follows:
action = Header Text
icon = fayl.ico
label = any text.
In this case you should clearly indicate points eachvariable in the startup file. action parameter is responsible for the text, & nbsp-which & nbsp-will be visible to the user when it starts. Item icon allows you to attach any label, and the label is used to insert text descriptions. Each file to automatically run a specific program should be created in the new category.


Turn autoplay on your operating system,if such a service has been disabled earlier. Enter in the field "Run» gpedit.msc, and then press enter. Walk the path of "Computer Configuration," then "Administrative Templates", "System". Autorun field has three kinds of values: enabled, disabled and set. Select "Enabled".


In general we can say that the launch autorunany program is not difficult, but it should take into account the fact that your computer may have some glitches in the automatic launch of several programs. Carefully fill out all the fields in the text file, and do not forget to keep in the proper format.

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