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How to run in the rain

How to run in the rain

He who runs with great pleasure in good weather, is not very willing to go out for a jog in the rain. And for good reason.

Running in the rain is able to deliver a double joy - you keep fit and at the same time enjoying the clean, washed by rainwater air.

It is only necessary to dress so as not to get wet from head to toe.



Run in the rain is possible only if there isproper uniforms. What dress to run depends on the ambient temperature and the intensity of rainfall. The blind old rain can not wear anything special by staying in the usual training things that will dry before you have time to get home.


If it is windy outside, but with only the skyperiodically drops a couple of drops, you need a good windbreaker in a light vest. It will retain body heat, to protect him from the cold air, the remaining bare hands natural way to prevent overheating of the body.


The colder weather and more rain, therapidly increasing need for a dense, waterproof jacket. Do not dwell on the cheapest option, it is better to overpay a little bit, but get quality clothing that is not only waterproof, but also able to breathe. Otherwise, after a couple of hundred meters you will feel like a bath. Outside, wet from rain, sweat inside. Ordinary jacket little suited for running, they are usually quite thick, but if nothing else at hand is not, you can try what happens.


As for shoes, wet feet do not preventout. Do not wear the jogging rubber boots, and ordinary Sneakers still get wet in one degree or another. Since the feet will be in constant motion, hypothermia does not threaten you, but be prepared for corn, which are easy to come by friction of shoes on wet skin. You can pre-glued on vulnerabilities waterproof adhesive that will reduce the likelihood of damage to the feet.


If you wear glasses, to run in the rain youYou need a hat with a large brim, such as baseball. It will protect the glass from falling drops save you visibility of the way, will save from small troubles like getting kicked in the puddle. And even if you have excellent vision, do not neglect the hat in cold weather. Wet head in combination with low temperatures contributes to the weakening of immunity, and therefore ill therefore totally worthless.

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