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How to run in the rain

How to run in the rain</a>

Those who enjoy running with great pleasure in good weather do not very willingly go for a run in the rain. And in vain.

Running in the rain can deliver a double joy - you keep fit and at the same time enjoy pure, rain-washed air.

You just need to dress so that you do not get wet from head to foot.



Running in the rain is possible only if availableCorrect uniforms. What to wear for jogging depends on the ambient temperature and intensity of precipitation. In a blind summer rain, you can not wear anything special, staying in the usual training things that will dry before you have time to get home.


If on the street it's windy, but from the sky onlyPeriodically drops a couple of drops, you will need a good windbreaker in the form of a light waistcoat. It will keep the body warm, protecting it from the cold air, the remaining bare hands naturally prevent the body from overheating.


The colder the weather and the stronger the rain, theThe need for a dense, waterproof jacket is growing rapidly. Do not dwell on the cheap option, it is better to overpay a little, but to take quality clothing that not only does not get wet, but is also able to breathe. Otherwise, after a couple of hundred meters you will feel like a bath. Outside it is wet from rain, inside from sweat. Conventional jackets are not suitable for running, they are usually quite thick, but if there is nothing else at hand, you can try what will come of it.


As for shoes, wet legs can not be avoided.It will turn out. Do not wear rubber boots, and ordinary sneakers will still get wet to some extent. Since the legs will be in constant motion, hypothermia does not threaten you, but be prepared for calluses that easily appear when rubbing the shoes against damp skin. It is possible to glue in advance on vulnerable places a waterproof plaster, which will reduce the likelihood of damage to the legs.


If you wear glasses, to run in the rain to youA hat with a large visor, for example, a baseball cap, will be needed. It will protect the glasses from falling drops, keep you visibility of the way, save from small troubles like getting your foot in a puddle. And even if you have excellent eyesight, do not neglect the hat in cold weather. Wet head in combination with low temperatures contributes to the weakening of immunity, which means that it's absolutely worthless to get sick in this regard.

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