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RULES of using professional means for removing cuticles


The rules for using professional means for removing cuticles</a>

If you quickly grow a cuticle and you are tiredIts clean, and even more so cut, then perhaps you should try to use for this purpose professional chemical remedies for cuticle removal.

They are very concentrated, they contain a lot of strong substances, but this does not mean that they can not be used at home.

You just need to remember a few rules: the most important - do not use acid-containing products at home, ask the seller for those that contain alkali.



At the same time, it is possible to apply the product only for threeNail - no more. Keep it on the nails - no more than 5 minutes (3 minutes is enough). If you leave the product until completely absorbed, you can greatly dry the cuticle and get a chemical burn.


Flush the product very carefully andCertainly with soap. Best for home use is a product marked with ANA on the package. The main active ingredient in it is fruit acids. They are safe, so this tool can often be used: if the cuticle is overgrown, apply it every day, leave it for 5-7 minutes, and then remove it with a damp cloth. And when you bring your nails in order, you will only need to support them in this state and use this tool 1-2 times a week.


If you have persistent problems with the cuticle, thenYou may need to buy an additional remedy that slows the growth of the cuticle, in the form of an oil, cream or pencil. It will soften it, add elasticity and will not give rise to burrs.

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