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RULES of the peeling face

The rules of the peeling face

Face Peeling is the removal of the top layer of dead skin with a scrub. With peeling accelerates the skin renewal process.

The facial skin becomes smooth, smooth fine lines, pores are cleaned, improves complexion.

After peeling face looks refreshed, rested, rejuvenated. But in order to get away from the peeling procedure the expected result, and not to hurt her, you must adhere to the following rules:



•; facial peels can be done at any time of the day, but on the condition that within 2 hours after the procedure you will not go ulitsu-
•; Apply scrub can only be shell-wet
•; Max scrub a single procedure should be no more than one coffee lozhechki-


•; Peeling operate with one hand, and the other is sure to stick the skin, so it does not rastyagivalas-
•; movements during the procedure should be soft, gentle, circular, directed from the center to periferii-
•; during peeling in any case does not affect the area around the eyes, and inflamed areas to avoid the spread of infection.


•; If you have oily skin, peeling procedure should be no more than 3 minutes-
•; If you have normal or combination skin, it peels should be no more than 2 minutes (the fatty areas to be processed for longer)
•; If you have dry skin then peels the length should not exceed 1 minutu-
•; After peeling skin treatments it is necessary to moisten.

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