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Rules of the game in a children's ice hockey

Rules of the game in a children's ice hockey

Modern parents often give their child to a children's hockey.

This purely a man's game educates boys team spirit, hardens the body and develops in them the fighting qualities.

Rules in the children's hockey do not differ from adult hockey, but still have some minimum deviation.

Game Hockey

The position "outside the game" on the blue line is permissiblewhen the child (in sports teams usually are gaining just after kindergarten graduation - 6 years) from the attacking team has crossed the blue line of the enemy zone before the puck crosses it completely. There is a determining factor in this situation - to find both skates attacking hockey with respect to the blue line of the second team at the time of a complete intersection. If at least one skate forward at the moment of crossing the blue line washer is on or in the neutral zone, the position of "offside" is not counted and the match continues.

If the offensive team is in a zoneenemy and transfer back the puck lands on the blue line, being transferred deep into the area, the position of "offside" is not counted. However, this is provided that the washer does not fully crossed and the blue line is not taken off in the middle zone.

Remember - when the puck is in the end zone, it is considered part of the entire width of the blue line. Similar interpretation applies to the middle zone.

The position "outside the game" is fixed when both skatesattacking the enemy are in the area when he passed the puck flew into the player, the opposing team, ricocheted from him or his stick and completely crossed the blue line. This rule is introduced in the children's hockey, in order to prevent a large number of goal situations, intentionally created with the help of a ricochet from the players and the puck hit her in the gates. All these rules are usually attributed coaches students even during training.

Fines in the children's hockey

For infringements of rules of the game in hockey followvarious fines. So, for a game with a stick raised above the shoulder, push in the back, hooking the enemy and attack the opponent without the puck, the referee is required to remove the offender from the field. There are small and Bench Minor Penalty. Ice hockey will be removed for 2 minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct, pushing, playing the broken stick, fight, running board, delay or intentionally drop the puck at her.

Bench Minor penalty players and team representatives prepared for a foul on the court and outside it.

Also, the judge may appoint a penalty shot - forviolation population composition, deliberate shift gate, delay puck or stick throw in the protection zone. In addition, the judge may deduct a goal, even if the puck crossed the goal line, and if the goalkeeper was replaced fielder or when attacking hockey player goes against the empty net, and against him violated the rules. That could be a violation of step, throw sticks or deliberate delay of the puck opponent.

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