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RULES manufacturing bouquets of sweets

Terms of manufacturing of bouquets of sweets

The original way to please loved ones - to teach them a bunch of sweets homemade. You can use cheap or very expensive sweets.

The main thing - to properly arrange them, then your product will look stylish and impressive.

What is needed for the candy bouquet

For the manufacture of candy bouquet, you will need -number depends on the size of the future composition. Choose pastry round, conical and hemispherical shape - it is more convenient to mount them in a bouquet. Hygienic use candy wrappers. If the colors you do not like wraps, while the product composition of the assembly can be formalized with foil or paper necessary shade.

Pick up the bowl, basket or bowl for easybase composition. In addition you will need colored corrugated and glossy paper, colored foil, decorative ribbons and nets. Get thin double sided tape, tape, long wooden skewers and glue. Very easy to use glue gun - it allows you to mount the product quickly and reliably. For a more decorative bouquet buy ready-made artificial flowers.

Choose the color and style

The style of the bouquet depends on the taste of the person to whom youYou are going to present. Consider gender, age and other personal data to bestow. For example, your child will enjoy a bouquet of bright flowers and soft toys, the young girl will suit the product, made in soft pastel colors and elegant age lady - elegant bouquet in vintage style. size of the product depends on the style and occasion. On the anniversary can give a huge basket of flowers and chocolates, as well as a modest little souvenir suitable composition of several branches.

Consider the shape of the composition. It can be a desktop, fortified in a vase or basket. Another option - registration in the form of the traditional bouquet, wrapped in gift paper. Masters are made more complex options - spectacular hanging balls, garlands of candy bouquets as ships, dolls and fans.

Today popular bouquets that combine readyartificial flowers with paper homemade designs. You can use the existing methods for wrapping sweets or invent new ones.

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We make a bouquet

To begin, try to create a simple compositionof several colors. Select a round, not too heavy bowl with a wide bottom - it will give structural stability. Inside insert floral sponge for artificial flowers.

Follow the selected color scheme. A small bouquet should not use more than three colors, otherwise it will be too colorful. Effectively look blue, white and silver, red and gold or golden cream formulations.

Before working scribble sketch on paper and calculate the required amount of materials - so you can avoid unnecessary expenses.

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The most popular method of attachment - simpleknot on a skewer. From the soft crepe paper or colored foil, cut square, wrap it in a piece of candy, and attach it to the base of a wooden skewer. Teip ribbon-strapped paper wrapper to the skewer so that the product has been fixed firmly as possible.

Try another option mounting - with conecandy inside. Cut a rectangle of glossy paper or cellophane. Roll it into a Funtika, place the candy inside. The free edges Funtika collect on skewer tightly wrap teip-tape.

Very effective and simple method - mountingchocolates on finished artificial colors. Take large flowers with heart - rose, poppies, lilies and daisies. At the base of the candy drip glue and press it firmly to the center of the flower.

Gather a bouquet. Skewers sticks and artificial flower stems in floral sponge. Gaps mask artificial greenery or ribbons, reinforced with adhesive tape. Bouquet can draw a bow or decorative wrapping paper.

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