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RULES feeding cats

If you recently brought a kitten, it certainly was a question before you feed a new furry friend.

And here it is very important to follow a few rules of feeding cats, which will allow your pet to live a long and happy life.



Cat in any case should not be given food, which is designed for dogs, such food does not contain the necessary nutrients for a cat.


All kinds of delicacies and food from the economic table are allowed no more than twice a week. Additional goodies may not exceed 20% of the daily diet of the animal.


Cats are very fond of meat, but in any case notfeed the cat meat alone, owing to such monotonous food your pet is seriously ill. Also, feed the cat raw fish or meat in any case impossible, it threatens a serious disease.


If your cat gets a good, full of vitamins food, do not need to give him extra vitamins or mineral supplements.


Many cats are very fussy during feedings. Of great importance is the position of the bowl with the food, the presence of the smell of other animals, all of which can affect the appetite of your pet.


Cats prefer food room temperature and fresh water. The house should always be a container with clean drinking water, to which the animals have quick and easy access.

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