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RULES effective counseling

Rules of effective counseling

There are general rules and advice installation, to be followed by a psychologist.

These principles make the process of the consultant and the client in a more structured and effective.

  1. Each client is unique. Two identical situations can not exist in principle. Therefore, psychological counseling is important student-centered approach.</ P>
  2. Plants, views and vital customer's position can change during the consultation. It is necessary to provide for the emergence of new problems.
  3. customer problems must first recognizeclient. The people who came for consultation without motivation, often can not accept responsibility for the existence of problems and their subsequent decision.
  4. Comfort and safety of the client - the maincomponents counseling. If in the course of solving their problems a person experiences a mental or physical discomfort, the psychologist should be shut down or put it in a different direction.
  5. The psychologist must engage in theadvising all their best qualities, both professional and personal. Despite this, he must remember that the main role in addressing the problems of the client lies on the client. If the problem is not solved, it is not necessary for this to impose the existential guilt.
  6. Counseling result may be or is not visible at once, or delayed in time.
  7. The Consultant shall always observe the rules of professional ethics.
  8. Counselling should be based ontheoretical knowledge. However, an overwhelming confidence in the academic literature and the complete exclusion of personal human qualities can give a destructive result of counseling.
  9. The consultant should be differentiated from the problems and dilemmas of rhetorical questions.
  10. The consultation should be two-way interaction.

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