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RULES of effective psychological counseling


Rules of effective psychological counseling</a>

There are general rules and guidelines for counseling that a psychologist should follow.

These principles make the consultant and client work process more structured and efficient.

  1. Each client is unique. Two similar situations can not exist in principle. Therefore, a personal-oriented approach is important in psychological counseling.
  2. The attitudes, attitudes and attitude of the client can change during counseling. It is necessary to provide for the appearance of new problems.
  3. The client's problems must first of all be realizedThe customer himself. People who come to the consultation without motivation, most often can not take responsibility for the existence of problems and their subsequent solution.
  4. Comfort and safety of the client - the mainComponents of counseling. If in the course of solving his problems a person experiences moral or physical discomfort, then the psychologist should stop working or transfer it to another channel.
  5. The psychologist should useAdvising all their best qualities both professional and personal. Despite this, he must remember that the main role in solving the problems of the client lies with the client himself. If the problem is not solved, then it is not necessary to impose an existential fault on it.
  6. The result of counseling may or may not be seen immediately, or delayed in time.
  7. The consultant must always follow the rules of professional ethics.
  8. Counseling should be based onTheoretical knowledge. However, the overwhelming confidence in the educational literature and the complete exclusion of personal human qualities can give a destructive result of counseling.
  9. The consultant should differentiate problems from dilemmas and rhetorical questions.
  10. The consultative process should have a two-way interaction.
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