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Rules and techniques in watercolor painting

Rules and techniques in watercolor painting

Drawing helps to take a fresh look at the world, to escape and relax. That is why today so increased his popularity.

One of the most accessible materials are watercolors.

To get a beautiful picture, it is important to choose the right tools and learn the basic techniques of work.

Features watercolor materials and rules

Watercolor - excellent material for drawing,suitable for beginners. Are the ink cheaply and buy them and accompanying materials can be in almost every stationery store. Therefore, many are familiar with watercolors since childhood: that it draws on the lessons of Fine Arts.
If you want to learn how to draw beautifully,you need to select the correct tools. First, pay attention to the brush. Use a natural bristle (for example, columns or protein) of different diameters and shapes.
Second, purchase special paper forwatercolors. According to the density it resembles cardboard, but differs from the latter the invoice, which allows you to paint "cling" basis. Third, stock up on supplies: plastic / glass palette, pieces of cloth, water tank, paper tape, pencil sketches. To create unusual effects prepare the toothbrush, a porous sponge, white gouache.

As palette use non-absorbent materials: glass, plastic, ceramic. It is also useful to the special plate. It should fix a piece of paper soaked in water under the tap.

When working with watercolor artists recommended to bevery careful. This material hardly allows for the adjustment and repair the damaged drawing. Therefore, follow a simple rule: first to work with light areas, and then - with the dark.
You should also be sure the selected color. Therefore, the right will try to create shade in the palette on the reserve list. If you are satisfied - boldly draws the selected part.
Be sure to follow the exigencies of brushes. Only with the help of a thin tip you can draw the perfect monogram, man's face, his emotions, nails and other small details. Never wash brush chemicals / soap. For better cleaning, use vegetable oil.

Basic technique when working with watercolor

Drawing in watercolor - a true delight. These inks make it possible to create a clear picture delicate pastel colors and bright saturated job. It all depends on your needs and desires.
To facilitate the work with watercolor basic knowledgetechniques. For example, using a flat brush, you can create a wide straight line or, if you place the tool edge, clear sharp strokes. The latter can be used when drawing architectural detail, plant components (herbs, flowers, etc.).
To draw the sky, the sea or the abstract backgroundtints, apply classical watercolor technique. Strong moisten the selected area with a cloth / sponge, remove the "puddle". Imposes the selected colors with a wide brush so that their edges touch paint and mixed independently.

To get a beautiful background spray,use a toothbrush. Moisten it with warm water, dip in the selected color. Vigorously shake the ink on the paper. Repeat until the desired result.

Striking lines are obtained by usingreceive "free brush." Take a tool like a knife closer to the base end. Move the brush on the paper, turning it in the desired direction. The lines will turn out very realistic. When drawing dark colors, you will create gorgeous "naked" trees that are suitable for the autumn / winter landscape or a figure from the cemetery atmosphere.

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