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ROYAL Dog: features of the breed

Royal Dog: features of the breed

The official name of these beauties - danes.

This is a huge stately dog ​​breed standards they were first adopted in Berlin in 1880 and since then has changed several times.


The most important misconception - to think that the frightening dimensions of the Great Dane fit his character. In fact, it is a very sociable and friendly dogs that differ patience.
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Danes - ideal for family pets. They are gentle and affectionate, loyal and sociable. They like to spend much time with your family at home.
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There are, of course, and the difficulties in raising thesedogs. First, they are more suitable for people who already have experience with dogs. Sometimes dogs can be quite headstrong and independent. In addition, the Great Dane is not suitable as a companion for those who are absent for a long time at home - the dog is constantly looking for company.
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In general, the royal dog is suitable as a guard dog. He barks very little, but others will certainly bark, moreover, strangers frighten already own size, and kind of dog.
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In terms of care of the Great Dane is not too fastidious. The dogs hardly shed, for grooming enough from time to time to clean up the rubberized hair brush. Bathe your dog is not recommended because of the large size and characteristics of wool, it is better to use dry shampoo.
Also, it is recommended from time to time is not short-cut the dogs nails.
Dogam teeth should be cleaned regularly and inspect the ears, nose, feet and eyes.


Another feature of the dogs, which need to becautious - was simply not aware of their huge size, so it can easily knock a person off their feet, jumping happily greeting. On the dog walk can be very dirty, and they have observed increased salivation.
As with any dog, the Great Dane is necessarybegin to educate from an early age. Due to the peculiarities of his character, the dog in any case can not scream and apply it more severe penalties.
It is worth remembering that dogs - affectionate and sensitive dogs, so they adopt the master emotion, it must also be taken into account in education.
On the street the dogs are very active, but before reaching the age of two, this activity must be limited in order to prevent the development of bone and joint diseases.
Dogs like to spend on the street for a few hours, except for cold, wet weather.

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