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The underlying causes and symptoms of children's aggression

Main causes and manifestations of child aggression

If the parents ask the question: "Does your son fights", they answer, "Yes."

Everything is simple - children's acts of aggression are inevitable, and the same.

Let's talk about the aggression of children aged from birth to three.

Pull yourself together, though it is very hard, and try to understand what you need for your child.

At the age of one to three years manifestationaggression varied, because aggression can be expressed in the form of shouting, fighting, or crash. Very often you can see, as a child has a mother for what she did something prohibited. How to respond to the child's mother, a fight?

Turn around and move away from the child, doresentful look and ignore your baby some time-if there is another adult who witnessed the fight, he should come to her mother, and have pity on her, while also ignoring baby- explain that her mother hurt when favorite son or her daughter beaten. Do not worry if the baby is small for the speech, use intonation.

The reasons for any fights between the children may be: attracting the attention of parents, the natural conflict between the children. If you know that your child is a bully does not immediately react, and if you are sure that the forces are equal, it is better not to meddle.

If we talk about the destruction of objects, then yourthe child thus may know the world. For example, he broke a toy to see its structure, and he did it with a fury because she did not want to understand.

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