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The role of animals in human life

The role of animals in human life

Friars Minor played an important role in human life.

They provide people with food and raw materials, help in the household and treatment of diseases, protection from enemies and just pleasing to the eye.

Due to the evolution of the human animal has occurred. Domesticated animal, the hunter has become the master. Since that time, he had to take care of your pet, organizing household. To this day, human life is very much dependent on animals.
Why tails animals

Fed, watered and clothed

Many people get food from animals. Meat cows, pigs, sheep using both in pure form and processed as ingredients for other products. Goat's milk is valued for its medicinal properties. A domesticated hen eggs can be consumed without fear in their raw form. In addition to pet food as the use of some wild animals, such as elk and wild boar. Fishing and beekeeping are important not only for the food industry, but also for the drug.
What is the longest lizard
From sheep, goats, llamas and even dogs get fur,used to make warm clothes, warming in cold weather. Goose down is part of the jackets and down jackets. Crocodiles and snakes are killed for the sake of valuable skin, which is made from expensive handbags, shoes and accessories. Fur animals, and animals with valuable fur coats are used for sewing.
domestic herbivorous reptiles

Help and protect

Strong animals domesticated to help on the farm. Elephant, camel and donkey used to carry heavy things over long distances. Cattle helps in plowing the land. Horses are the perfect transport.
With the advent of the need to protect the people begantrain dogs, making them guards. Some beneficial insects to protect the crop from pests in gardens. In addition, the animals instinctively anticipating danger and try to bring it to people. For example, there are cases where cats or dogs hastily left the building before the collapse, or elephants, screaming and tearing the chain before the tsunami in Thailand.

Treat and make people kinder

Animals also great healers. Cats, feeling host disease, go to the affected area or just nearby, taking the power of the disease itself. Dog Saliva has antibacterial properties, so the four-legged often licking their wounds and abrasions people. Therapy with horses and dolphins used for treatment and rehabilitation of people with spinal cord injuries, muscular and nervous systems. Moreover, the effectiveness of such treatment is often higher than when using drugs.
Animals make people kinder, learn to care for andshow compassion. Having come home after a hard day, you can relax under the soothing purring pet cat. A dog carefully bring slippers. The presence of a pet in the family with a small child give the kid a real friend.

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