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How to download bottom press

rock bottom press needed daily to achieve impressive results

If you need dice or just flat, trim tummy, get his creation! Some diets do not help, you need to download the press.

First of all - the bottom. Exercise will not take much time.

Just ten - fifteen minutes a day, you need to swing the lower press.

But remember: the speed of the result depends not only on your perseverance and strength of will, but also on the characteristics of the organism.



Set yourself a daily occupation rate. If physical fitness is weak, it is better to start with a minimum. Each exercise perform ten to twenty times. The next day, increase this number to one or two, and so every time. The main thing - proceed slowly and do not try to drive the first day itself.


Lie on the floor or on some hard surface. So, back to be comfortable. Stretch your arms along the body. Raise legs up so that your feet staring at the ceiling. At the same time, try to stretch the abdominal muscles. Then lower the leg. Repeat the exercise, but lift each leg in turn. Continue to stretch the abdominal muscles.


Now raise your hands and put them on the floor forhead. Simultaneously lift into the air straight legs, and the front part of the body, try to get his forehead knee. Do not pull, the movement should not be sharp and very fast.


Bend your knees and raise them. Make a circular motion feet, as if you were pedaling a bicycle. It does not just hang your feet in the air and try to apply pressure with each stroke, so that there is tension in the legs and lower abdomen muscles.


After the exercise do not jump at once. Lie down and relax a bit.

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