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How to pump the bottom press


To pump the bottom press it is necessary daily to achieve an impressive result</a>

If you need cubes or just a flat, neat tummy, look into it! Some diets do not help, you need to swing the press.

First of all - the bottom one. Exercises do not take much time.

Only ten to fifteen minutes a day you will need to pump the bottom press.

But remember: the speed of the result depends not only on your perseverance and willpower, but also on the characteristics of the organism.



Set yourself a daily rate of work. If physical preparation is weak, it is better to start with a minimum. Do each exercise ten to twenty times. The next day, increase this number by one or two, and so every time. The main thing is to act gradually and do not try to drive yourself out on the first day.


Lay down on the floor or on some hard surface. So that the back was comfortable. Pull your arms along the body. Lift your legs up so that your feet are facing the ceiling. At the same time try to strain the muscles of the press. Then lower your legs. Repeat the exercise, just lift each leg in turn. Continue to strain the abdominal muscles.


Now raise your hands and put them on the floor forHead. Simultaneously, raise the straight legs and the front part of the trunk into the air, try to get your forehead with your knees. Do not twitch, the movements should not be sharp and very fast.


Bend your knees and raise them. Do circular movements with your feet, as if you are biking the pedals. Do not just chatter your feet in the air, but try to press with every stroke, so that there is tension in the legs and lower abdominal muscles.


After the end of the exercises do not jump immediately. Lie down and rest for a bit.

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