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RINGS. wearing Rules

Rings. wearing Rules

Many times noticed how sometimes absurdlooks or that the ring - a style of decoration contradicts the image, or wearing the wrong finger, or media in general too far with the number of units on the one hand.

How to wear the ring to look stylish and trendy?

Rings necessarily be worn on a specific finger, according to a style accessory.

For the little fingers of both hands a small suitis narrow gold or silver ring without stone. This Plets accessory can be worn with modest inclusions invisible colorless elements: diamond, diamonds, zircon. If the jewelry does not contain the inserts with stones, will look good ornate drawings, inscriptions, patterns applied to the entire circumference of the ring.

The ring finger of the right hand is traditionally decorateswedding ring. In the West, a decoration worn on the left arm. Design engagement rings are so diverse that list all the variations is simply impossible. One finger is allowed to wear a wedding ring, an engagement gift from a favorite - gold or silver jewelery with a large single stone in the middle. It can be worn separately - on the ring finger of the right or left hand.

The middle finger, regardless of the hand candecorate flat massive gold or silver ring with a loose or tracks of different color and the origin of the stones or the intricate pattern. It is interesting to look model topaz, turquoise, emeralds. It allowed the wearing of the rings with stones or without them.

On the index finger rings ladies wear thin with a geometrical pattern. For these rings is permissible content of fine placer colorless stones, usually zirconia or diamonds.

Typically, the thumb is not decorated with a ring, but it is possible to wear a wide ring, like a model designed for the little finger, but without the inserts with stones.

The rules of etiquette allow a lady to wear at the same time not more than 3 ring - a wedding, an engagement and even one model to choose from. It is not allowed to decorate one arm at a time with 3 rings.

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